Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reality Bites.

Click on this picture:

Look closely.

This is my life.


It is our "FALL BREAK".

To me,

there is nothing "BREAK" about it.

Maybe I caused a little of this chaos.

By buying 10 lbs. of Strawberries. (On sale for $1 a lb!)

And canning 10 1/2 pints of freezer jam.

And canning 6 pints of cooked jam.

And canning 18 pints of meat today.

Except for I didn't do that here.

But, it looks like I may have.

Take a nice look around that picture.

It is crazy.

It won't be clean.

Until next week, when my in-laws show up.

I love cleaning for the in-laws.


Because, if they didn't come.

My kitchen just MIGHT look like this EVERYDAY.

It didn't used to.


I blame a 4th child.


I just throws my world out of wack.

Or maybe she is just wack.

I should be in bed.


****Thanks for helping my can my meat today Danika! YOU ARE AWESOME! And your pressure cooker too. AND your clean house too! :)


nurse graham said...

Brave lady you are, canning with children at home! But really all I see in that picture is that great green bag (and a house that looks lived in not some show model home).

Danika said...

You are welcome! They turned out great and you can come pick them up anytime. Just give me a call before you come - we are in & out over the next few days.

I love it when people come to stay with us - it's the only time I am forced to clean my den!

Kara said...

It could almost be a mirror image of my kitchen and the rest of my house. I blame it on the 5th child. My life is chaotic!

Natalie said...

and that, my friend, is why i am afraid to can anything else. chaos. i can't take the chaos. what kind of meat did you do? i really want to do london broil. i've heard it's super easy, clean and makes for some great shredded beef.

Arian said...

Great, well, there goes my hopes of ever moving on to having a fourth child! JK. :) Don't you just love canning meat? I did it with chicken this year and just loved it. Where'd you get the strawberries on sale?

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm just amazed that you did all that canning.

jessica said...

What is up with you and Natalie canning meat? This is so strange to me...peaches yes...turkey no. You are real woman my friend and that kitchen just proves it.

Kirsten said...

I need to know details about meat canning. How did it go? Any tips? What type of meat did you do? Please send info (or blog about it)!!!


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