Friday, October 23, 2009

What to do for fun around here!

I like a deal. A good deal.

So, I thought I would let you in on some "deals" that I have found around here!!

We went to the Arizona State Fair tonight. Most people think that going to the fair would be a serious $$$ activity. However, you CAN do it on the cheap! (Just take your parents like I did!) Ok, aside from that.

Check the website for deals! We went during "Happy Hour" if you can get there before 6 p.m. on a Friday, your ticket will be 1/2 price! Mine was $5 and my 2 kids (under 5 are free) were $2.50 a piece. They have other deals on other days, so, make sure to check the website for further instructions.

GET FREE RIDES! The rides at the fair are CRAZY expensive. Of the rides that we went on two had a 7 ticket value and one had a 5 ticket value. Just to give you an idea, 10 tickets is $5. Of course you can get a pass, and get some off that way, but you can also fill out THIS reading pass for each child over the age of 5 and get 3 free RIDES (not tickets) per kid! Some of the carnies. . oh, I mean, RIDE OPERATORS, even let Wade get on free b/c he was riding with Abby.

Use the parking shuttle so you don't have to pay $10 for parking! I don't know how they did it, but my parents actually found a spot for me on the street! (It is easier when you go early)

Feed your kids before you go, or get $1 pizza and take water bottles to drink instead of buying soda.


Have you even been there? SO MUCH FUN! I guess it used to be a Disney's Kid Zone until someone who owns a Football team bought it for his kids to play there. Now that his kids are grown, he has opened it up and my kids thought it was a BLAST! Normally, it is quite an expensive night, but, if you are lookin' for something fun to do, feed the kids and then sign them up for the KID'S CLUB!

You USED to get FREE admission and a FREE shirt, but I guess they figured out that was crazy, and now they just do 1/2 price admission. Still! That is a good deal considering regular admission is $8.50. You can sign each child up and get their own coupon as far as I know!

Chuck E. Cheese

I know the weather is getting nice, and these places are inside, BUT if you sign up for the Chuck e-Cheese e-mail club you can get a rockin' coupon for 1 Large Pizza and 40 tokens for $18.99! HELLO!!! You can spend that just going through a Wendy's drive through! Go to Chuck E. Cheese and let the kids burn off some steam! And the last time we were there, the messed up our pizza order and gave us 100 more tokens! YIPPEE!!

Ok, now that I have shared my secrets, what are yours? What do you do for fun around here??

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Natalie said...

um...for fun, i read yours and jessica's blogs. i know, could i be any more exciting? i also attend my ward trunk or treat once a year and curse the halloween holiday for several days leading up to it. SO FUN. that's about it...


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