Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And to all. . . a good night.

I think I will be signing off until after the holiday. My computer is going to computer day spa, where they will fix all of it's little quirks... like the ty and t problem.. see, there it is.. I didn't even have to mock it up for you.

But before I go, I want to say, tI had a lot of aspirations for mty (there it is again. I will be soooooooo glad when that problem is gone) blog posts this month.. I was going to do a history of Santa Photos and maybe a history of Christmas Card photos.. but, alas, I didn't. I am not sure why. I am going to say I was busy, because that is the best catch all but means nothing excuse on the planet. No?

There is ONE thing I want to share before I leave though... my favorite piece of nostalgia. I didn't put up many decorations this year. Weren't going to enjoy them for long enough.. I didn't put up a tree, but I DID put up this.

It is my stocking and I have had it ever since.. I don't know, Mom? How long have I had this stocking?? She had someone when I was younger, I want to say around 7, knit it for me. As a matter of fact, she had one knit for every member of our family. And unlike some people who change them each year or from time to time, we NEVER changed them... EVER. Some people would think it is my husband who is Mr. Nostalgia, and he totally is.. but when it comes to Holidays, he has a pretty close rival.

My sister came home one year with stockings knit for her husband and her son, and naturally, I was jealous. How did she get those??? I asked her secret and she said her Mother-in-law had made them! Now, I probably wouldn't have dreamt about asking someone's mother-in-law to make me and my family stockings, but in this case, she has all of ONE grandchild, so, I felt like I was safe.. Maybe she would do it for me too. . and she did. She made this one for Peter.

She made one for Abby, our first little angel.

And this one for Jaxon.. soooo him. He is a little gingerbread man.. catch me if you can!

and one for Wade, and in November, I called begging for another. I figured she had a little foresight and has one sittin' around, and she did. And we talked about it and in a few weeks, I was sent this...

Our last little addition.. Kaylin.. You know, they say that no two snow flakes are EVER the same. . . and the same can be said of Kaylin.. she broke the mold.. and she broke her parents...and we still love her, but I am just sayin.. My sister's poor mother-in-law is SAFE of having to knit anymore stockings in her life time... :)


*and yes, this is the red armoire I am painting and NO it isn't finished yet... I had to have ONE new year's resolution!!


MomBabe said...

And if you link this to the MMB holiday home tour, you might with $50. just sayin'

The Grant Family said...

I grew up with hand knitted stockings that we never changed too! Recently my mom found a lady who makes them and I had her get me some. And I don't believe we'll ever change's just better that way. :-)

PS You'll be missed!

Anne said...

Those are THE BEST stockings I've ever seen in my life. LOVE them! *jealous*

Ilene said...

Love the red.

Thanks for the truffle recipes!

Natalie said...

those are so fun. they will be treasures forever. Have fun on your trip. RElax, enjoy, breathe cold air:)...(i'm jealous of the cold air breathing on Christmas). You will be missed.

and thank you very much for the picture of the armoire. was that just to get me off your back:)?

jessica said...

Love the stockings...Love the red. Do not love that you will be gone for awhile...

Have a great holiday! Please call or email me when you get into town.

Jenny said...

How fun is your blog! I always love finding people's blog. It was bakerella that those cupcake things came from. Won't be doing those again. And I presume you are talking about the pettiskirt....just let me know.....i can certainly help out. as long as you have some sewing experience it shouldn't be too bad:)

rachelcooks said...

Super love the stockings. Super love you! Have the Merriest of Christmases!


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