Sunday, December 13, 2009

Knock Knock, who's there? Land Shark.

A few weeks ago, Jaxon came upstairs looking rather uncertain about life and other things... I inquired as to what they had been doing there. Abby looked mischievous, Jaxon looked peeked.

Abby: "Watching a show on Animal Planet"

(Peter has already intercepted shows from that channel that involved Elephants mating... anywho...)

Me: [Looking at Jaxon] "What was the show about?"

Jaxon: [Eyes wide, fixated on something in outerspace] "It was about sharks, and how sharks eat people and how there was a surfer in the ocean and how he was surfing on his surf board and how a shark and his surfboard. . . and ate him too. [Long Pause] It was scary.

Me: [Giving the one eyed skunk eye to Abby] "Maybe you shouldn't have been watching such a scary show!!!

Jaxon no longer likes his favorite stuffed animal, sharky.

Sharky has not been seen for days.

Jaxon will still randomly ask about the Sharks ability to come out of the water.

I now realize that someone who worked for SNL in the 80s must have been horribly terrified by sharks at a young age and wondered at times if they would knock on his door and eat them, and when he was working on SNL in his late 20's he realized it would be a funny skit.

I hope Jaxon can one day think it is funny.

But for now, he asks me, the babysitter, Peter and just about anyone else he might come into contact with about Sharks, and the probability of them getting out of the water and eating him.

I am just trying to convince him he is far too skinny for any shark's taste.


Jaxon: "Sheesh mom, I had another dream about a shark eating me at nap time, maybe it was a bad idea for me to have watched that show!"

Land Shark


Natalie said...

poor guy! i feel the same thing about bees...

calibosmom said...

Don't you just love it when that happens? My oldest was watching A Haunting when his sister was home. Now whenever a ghost show comes on-even a commercial, she bursts into tears. Fabulous!

Tammy said...

That's funny! Poor little guy. Just don't have him watch Jaws any time soon. That show still scares me.

jessica said...

So FUNNY! My neice has a thing about alligators...we have a five foot stuffed alligator in our basement and when she saw it we almost lost her...she still won't go down there unless it is in the guest room...she's seven.


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