Sunday, December 6, 2009

Which one do you like?

Abigial looking like she is just about to drop the biggest baby on the planet,
Jaxon nervously clutching his elbow like he just hit it on the piano,
Wade clutching his new favorite obsession (a Nemo wallet)
Kalin wondering if she is about to be dropped on a tile floor, but not seeming to care much. .


Abby lookin' like she is She-ra holding the biggest baby on the planet,
Jaxon giving the exuberant, "hey, Hey, HEY!" (with Jazz hands)
Wade slightly more enthusiastic still clutching the Nemo wallet
Kaylin still wondering if she is going to hit the floor, and caring... quite a bit more.

Which is your fav?


Leah said...

Number 2! Super cute.

jessica said...

Yeah...#2. BTW love your new family pic on the sidebar. I just barely changed mine too. And you have your blog all holiday'd up. You go girl!

Danika said...

You got a piano! When did that happen? I was just at your house last week...

calibosmom said...

The second one. Everyone is looking up. CUTE!

cher said...

Second. Such true life, I love it.

Andie said...

Your baby looks 17. Which freaks me out, because that means MY baby must look 17. And that's just so sad. Where did those teensy newbies go? Rude.

Andie said...

P.S.- I want her shoes!


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