Monday, December 7, 2009

Line Up Run Down

I know you all read this blog for my ever so witty summaries of the latest TV shows.. right?

Ok, maybe not so much.

So, why do you read this blog then????

Oh, never mind, I am getting off the subject.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to do a Fall TV line up run down. . . and I feel like I can sufficiently do that now that now that it is OVER.

Let's start with. . .

hmmm. that is hard, let's just go with Alphabetical.

CASTLE: I have already mentioned this show here. It is pretty funny and witty and I really like both the leads. They are perfectly cast. The dry humor is a total draw.


I think I have said enough about that one here already. :)

GLEE: I watch it. (gasp!) I feel like it is so controversial!!! No one talks about it. (Not LDS people anyway) and I think it is because of the subject matter sometimes. Although I am not always comfortable with the subject matter.. I have to admit, it is pretty funny/interesting and well done. I think what I am MOST uncomfortable with is the fact that kids who really SHOULDN'T be watching it are WATCHING IT! I really think it is geared to people that are my age.. with all the 80's music and stuff. Really, it is not too far from how high school really was right? We all know someone who got pregnant.. we all knew about clique wars.. etc. It is just a creative re-visitation. And for the most part, it is funny.

I get the most laughs from Sue, and her "That is how Sue sees it segment"

Weird fact: The boys, Puck, Mr. Shue, and Finn are all within 3 years apart in age in real life. WEIRD.


I am not sure why I started to watch this show. I think I was just curious. But I seriously love it. I know they promoted the SCANDAL of her husband cheating on her ala Elliot Spitzer, but that is not all the show is about. As a matter of fact, they don't spend too much time on it, but more about the strong person Alicia Florick is (Julianna Margulies is awesome) and it shows how she is trying to just move forward and be above it all. They have started to elude that her husband might be innocent.. and they might have to, because otherwise, Alicia might start to look like more of a "door mat" wife than a "good wife".

NCIS Los Angeles:

I have never watched an NCIS series.. they never really kept my attention. . I set my DVR for this, but it never recorded because of conflicting shows. It finally recorded one last week because other shows had ended. I signed up for it because I think Chris O'donnell is easy on the eyes and I think he is a good actor that he doesn't get enough credit. . . He is still easy on the eyes, but the show is kinda... dumb. LL cool J is NOT that good of an actor. If they are federal agents why are they always in plain clothes, and who is writing this stuff??? Sorry Chris, even though I like looking at you, I can't stand the rest of the show. It is being deleted off my DVR.


JAKOB. That is all I want to say here really. He is amazing and awesome and I LOVE watching him. I hope he wins. What about the Mormon couple? I am on the fence.. Ashleigh did look good when she was with Jakob, or was that because I was distracted by Jakob? She did NOT look good last week. And Ryan's solo's seriously stink.. he needs to talk to Dimitri about those.. I was surprised to see him stay last week. But, in the end, I hope Jakob takes it all.

The Vampire Diaries:

Um.. yeah, I have watched that one too. I think I was just trying to feed my pre- New Moon anticipation. It really isn't that good, well done, or well written. Nor do I like some of the subject matter again because I know kids that are TOO YOUNG TO BE WATCHING IT are watching it. I swear, I am never going to let my teenagers watch ANYTHING!!! (When I in fact HAVE teenagers)


I know many of you watch THE OFFICE: Never have. I tried once and I think it has gotten to the point where there are so many running jokes.. it just isn't funny to people who haven't watched it. (That would be me)

Parks and Rec-- again bounced from my DVR. It picked up a show finally and I watched.. Again, just wasn't that funny.

Anything else I missed??


30 ROCK. Pretty funny, but I have to admit, it is starting to lose me. Kinda like scrubs. Scrubs was so hilarious that first year. . Then they just made it so . . .dirty. They finally just lost me. 30 Rock is on its way there.

AMAZING RACE: I have to admit, I wasn't really cheering for anyone this year except the guy with Autism (for obvious reasons) when he got voted off, they kinda lost me. I watched the finale, but all I can really say is I am glad the brothers lost. They were annoying.

SURVIVOR: Still don't really like Russell, but he is really playing an amazing game. Do you really think people will vote for him in the end? I don't think so.


Of course I can't wait for LOST and 24... and THE BACHELOR. I don't know if I am all that excited about the dude, but we all know the reason I watch... the train wreck. :)


Danika said...

Wow - that is a lot of shows! The only two shows I watch are DWTS and 24.

Lindsey said...

Danika, that is the beauty of the DVR. I wouldn't be able to watch ANY shows without it! That way I can watch at night, or while folding clothes or cleaning the kitchen!~

Kirsten said...

I have to say, I was so excited when I heard about Glee. I love the concept. What a great idea. I DVR'd the first few, but I was flinching so much I couldn't enjoy it. Didn't get past the first or second episode. Sorry. It's really too bad, because it could have been so good.

Lindsey said...

I know.. I felt the same way. They have eased up a bit for sure.. But I don't know if they will hang on. I think they were trying to be so edgy.. . I am hoping they maintain what they are doing now.. but, I doubt it. It might be another one I have to let fall by the way side!

jessica said...

SYTYCD...I totally love Jakob and Elenor. A and R have grown on me but I agree R needs to get a better solo! I also love, love Russel.

Glee...we have been sucked in. I love the music and I love Mr Shue and I am so happy that he knows that his wife is a ho and I can't wait until P finds out Q is lying!

I can't wait for Lost and this year A and I are giving 24 one last chance.

Leah said...

Okay, yes, that is totally the reason I started reading your blog...the Bachelor recaps. But I've kept reading all these years too! I didn't know the SYTYCD couple was LDS? I've never seen them with any clothes on that would make you think so. Their wedding photos didn't look LDS. Anyway, Eleanor totally looks like Jessica Albrecht to me! Super cute. Love her. And yes, people will vote for Russell just like they voted for Richard Hatch...they hate him but they admire his strategy. He'll leave soon though because people think he's too crafty. He cracks me up and I love watching him.

Natalie said...

Haven't watched Glee but been told that i must...i'm thinking about it because when Biggest Loser is over there will be a hole in my heart. A really big hole because that is my favorite show ever.

The Office. LOVE. Love. Love.

SYTYCD...Jessica has grown more than i thought she would. but i still don't love her. ryan has grown on me more than i thought he would (and he has really big muscles that i like to look at. so.) neither of them are going to win. I love elenor (she reminds me of jessica a., but i haven't seen her in real life so i could be way off), jakob is amazing! he will do great in the dance world whether he wins or not so i don't want him to win. I love Kathryn. her personality is so sweet and kind and she is a beautiful dancer. Russell has always been my pick for winner. i like him a lot.

you always provide a great forum for discussion of things no one around me cares about in the slightest. THANK YOU! now i must go, crue just peed MY bed and pooped HIS shirt. don't ask...

Natalie said...

CORRECTION! I meant ashleigh not jessica! and I just read leah's comment...sorry.

so leah, you think jessica looks like ellenore too!?). And Russell's strategy? please explain. i am clueless when strategy is involved. what am i missing, pray tell:)...Also, Ryan and ashleigh's wedding photo shown last week was in front of the doors at the SLC temple. I saw it w/my own eyes:).

sorry to take over linds...i'm leaving now because the poop and pee thing is really not okay and if i were up for mother of the year award i would have lost it in the last 10 minutes! filth everywhere. must clean and sanitize now.

Andie said...

Ok, so if you don't have Modern Family on your list you are TOTALLY missing out. Probably my favorite show of all time. Heee-larious! Catch the reruns and tell me if you think I'm right.

Jessica said...

Had to delete Glee from TiVo (though i loved it). I didn't want my kids running across the "not having sex is SOO stupid storyline". I'm getting more sensitive about the spirit shows bring into my home.

Elennore totally looks like Jessica A. And I love her. Jakob is too gay for me, though he's an amazing dancer. LOVE Russell.

Ryan and I think this is one of the best Survivors ever. I hated RUssell so much in the beginning but have started rooting for him because he is an amazing game player.

Natalie said...


jessica said...

Natalie I love you! And I was totally confused about the Russell/Survivor thing too...I'm pretty sure we share the same brain.

jessica said...

Yes Lindsey I realize this is your blog and I am making comments to Nat...see how popular your blog is!


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