Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Thoughts #4

  • Should I even be numbering random thoughts? It could get extensive.

  • SYTYCD was gooooood last night.

  • Ryan and Kathryn's dance was hot.Hot.HOT!!!

  • I watched it like, 4 times. It was very well executed and did I mention, hot?

  • I can't believe how many of you are Jakob haters!

  • WHO CARES if he is gay? He is an AWESOME dancer, and I think one of the better partner dancers! (even though he is gay--probably)

  • Kathryn has really surprised me, YOU?

  • Molly has gotten better too

  • But Legacy has to go, YES, even over Ryan.

  • Did I mention his dance was HOT last night?

  • I want to see Burn the Floor in NYC. Anyone want to go with me? GIRLS TRIP!

  • This is becoming a Random Thoughts SYTYCD version

  • But before I go, I want to thank Matt and Luciana Damon for the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner we had last night. Matt is just so down to earth, and so is Lucy (as he calls her). There house was charming and NOT ostentatious and everything went swimmingly until Matt got a call on the bat phone (that is what he calls it) which is a direct line from the security company that watches his house saying that there was paparazzi there. I was worried because he went outside to handle it himself, but he was totally cool, and just asked them very nicely to leave. I was impressed. (I AM NOT PREGNANT, why am I having dreams about celebrity friends?!?!?!)

  • And finally, I wanted to share a picture about how we all feel about our pants some times as demonstrated by my daughter Kaylin.

Sometimes, when you sit down, your pants feel like they are doing this to your stomach.

Don't you all wish you could all do this and just make it feel a little better?

And as a side note to Old Navy. Can we put a little stretch in those jeans?? We shouldn't make our daughters succumb to our pressures so early in life. :)
  • I am down a pant size. But not to MY pant size. Still working on it. :)


jessica said...

I LOVE Jakob! Love, Love, Love HIM! I also love Russell. Legacy I like better than Ryan but I would like to see Ryan dance with Ashleigh. I am bummed she couldn't dance the bollywood number, she would have rocked it.

Mollee and Kathryn are both growing on me. I think Elenor is amazing...and not just because everyone thinks she looks like me...notice how I said SHE looks like me, not I look like her...

Natalie said...

Lindsey, you're great! the pants number was so painful to look at from that angle until i realized that you indeed hadn't snuck into my house and secretly snapped a photo of me sitting lazily on the couch with my gut hanging over my britches. phew! I'm up a pant size. you can congratulate me later...

last night was sad. mollee shouldn't have gone home. ashleigh just got the sympathy vote. i don't think that she is the best dancer between the two. poor legacy. i just think he is so sweet.
Kathryn is my vote for winner.

Leah said...

I love your recaps. Another look-a-like is Ashley and the girl from Lost. Totally, right?!!! I love Legacy's comments last night. What a humble guy. I am a huge Jakob fan. They've had a few good dancers like him over the years, but none have had such a fun personality like his so I think he has a chance. Last year I wanted Brandon to win even though I loved Janine. I don't have a favorite this year. I am loving Russell and Jakob. I love them all actually so I can't even vote. I'd just cancel myself out!

cher said...

Good post. Let's face it - life is really just a bunch of random thoughts, at least this phase of lie is. : ) Jakob is my fav as well. He reminds me a bit of Neil, who was my fav how ever many years ago that was.

Good job on the pants. (Yours, not Kaylin's.)


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