Friday, December 4, 2009


You know me... I like to bake. I could probably sit around and bake all day.. in a few years, I might have a hard time getting out the door. . .


This year, I came across some amazing recipes.

Recipes for TRUFFLES.

TRUFFLES? I have never made a truffle before, and to be honest, I like a challenge. . .

And it looks pretty easy!

I couldn't resist.

It was like they are calling my name. . .

MAKE ME! MAKE ME!! LINDSEY MAKE ME!!! (Am I taking this too far? Ok.)

I have skipped decorating for Christmas and decided to just start making treats. I mean, that is what is most important anyway. Right? Besides, I will only have like 12 days total to enjoy my decorations.. is it worth it?

Me thinks: Not this year.


Let me remind you of my other holiday treats.. Like the fab popcorn. . .
or the Almond Roca. . Who doesn't love Almond Roca. . My mouth was sore for weeks. (Good times, good times.)

This year, the first recipe I came across was this one for Oreo Truffles. It was destiny. I am on my way to the store later for some oreos..

Then I saw this recipe on PW. You know I love the PW. And if she says it is good, I most likely will be tryin' it. She posted this: Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt . They are coming back to room temp as we speak.. Wanna see?

See that hole in the middle? That was me forgetting it needed to come back to room temp before rolling into balls. . . that ball however, ended up in my mouth. I ate it, and it was good. :)

The next recipe I saw while prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. I used a few recipes from My Kitchen Cafe.. a foodie blog my sister hooked me on to. She posted these..
Cookie Dough Truffles. You know me and cookie dough, we go waaaaaay back.

Soon, these little morsels will be dipped in milk chocolate... oh my yum.

And then, since I am making all things small and dipped, I thought I would make these. I had some left over cake and added some frosting... canned, yes, which to me is completely sac religious. So far, I am not impressed with the taste.. But they look cute. We will see what they are like in the end. I might be pleasantly surprised. So far, they just look like this. .
These are my truffles, on parade. Check back for the end results.


The Grant Family said...

You are too funny and those look dang good!

Arian said...

K, seriously how do you handle having these in the house? I can't allow anything like that or I eat ALL of it. So pathetic! Ha. :) Either way, looks scrumptious!!

Ilene said...

I am so behind but these look good. A friend me oreo truffles and they were so so good.

Now I am rethinking my cookie treat bag. Perhaps I should throw in some truffles?


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