Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Miracles

1. We made it to the Northwest even though our 6 a.m. flight out of AZ was cancelled and we didn't know until we got there.

2. We were re-booked on another airline (with a direct flight) before we even got there, but still had to wait an hour for them to re-ticket us because of some computer snafu. The miracle part was the direct flight.

3. We were able to stay in someone else's house for 10 days without them killing us! (or maybe they wanted to, but just never acted that way)

4. Kaylie learned to crawl down the stairs. (Good thing, cuz the gate was a pain)

5. Our kids liked their presents... that I bought 6 months ago before a single "wish list" was made.

6. We saw snow... but we had to drive an hour to see it... even in the NORTHWEST!

7. We were able to stay in the Northwest without having it SNOW! (the rest of my family would call that a tragedy)

8. We didn't die of cold exposure.

9. Abby's fish, who was being cared for by someone at home, did not actually "die" after being spilled at that someone's house... but was merely "stunned" for a while....too bad I told Abby that it was dead before I found out.

10. We ate at TWICE! (It was DIVINE.)

11. We did family pictures and everyone complied... for the most part.

12. Peter thought up the biggest Christmas miracle EVER when he decided we needed to make WADE the lap child and strap K down (I mean, put her in her car seat) for the LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNG plane ride home. (5 hours with a plane change in SEA)

13. We actually MADE our 5 a.m. flight after waking up at 3 a.m. and dragging the kids to the airport.

14. I made it home without punching "Liz" on Horizon Flight #### for harassing me about my car seat and whether or not it was "airline safe". (it was 5 in the morning on the busiest flying day of the year and I have the crankiest 10 month old on the planet)

15. My legs DID NOT FALL OFF after having a 35 lb. toddler sitting on them for 5 hours.

16. Everyone took a LOOOOOONG nap when we got home from that VERY early VERY LONG flight. (And Liz was still alive to harass other people on other flights about their car seats.. I am sure she takes her job very seriously... )



Natalie said...

yea for christmas miracles! Glad you are back and that Liz will live to see the new year:).

Happy New Year! Here's to a year of many more miracles:)!!!

The Grant Family said...

Glad to have you back online! (and glad your trip went well...minus Liz) Flying with kids can be hairy. I'll have to tell you about the flight where we had 3 kids puke sometime. It was real nice. ;-)

Jeanelle said...

The Liz's of the world are just dorks. I'm glad you had a fun trip but I'm honestly sad we haven't had snow yet. Hopefully next month (while you're running around in short-sleeves and flip-flops!)

calibosmom said...

HEY EVERYONE LAY OFF THE LIZ'S!!! Actually, I am a dork. Glad you are home safe and sound.

Jessica said...

I have had similar issues with Horizon flight attendants! What is the problem there??

jessica said...

It was so great to see you even if it was for just a few minutes. I wish the holidays were so crazy so that we really could've had some fun.

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound!

Leah said...

You must be reading Chris Harrison's blog along with all of your others. He's funnier than on the show! And has good insider scoop. However, you probably already are! (go, Tenley!)

Christie said...

My husband (who travels all the time is almost always up in first class) once chewed out a couple of flight attendants that were ragging on a family in coach with crying kids. He told them flat out to knock it off. Which they did. I hate mean people.


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