Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bachelor Re-cap

Did anyone miss my bachelor re-cap last week? I kinda did, but Jeanelle more than made up for it. Believe it or not, you almost didn't get one this week either because my DVR didn't record it! GAH!

It always happens once a season with a show that I love when the priority isn't set just right... So, I had to watch it this morning on-line... which is so not fun. . Anyway, here is my take on Jake.

VIENNA??? Seriously? I just don't see it. Although I will state a few things I am noticing about Vienna.. A- she is not as bad as her "package" was.. in her package she was very "Elle Woods" from Legally Blonde and I didn't think I was going to like her from one second. I still don't particularly think she is AWESOME (hi Ali!--But quit complaining k?) BUT B- I don't really think she is as bad as the girls in the house think she is either!!! I mean, I have seen plenty of girls in other seasons talk about their dates and no one gets as bent out of shape as these ladies!

And Jake.. I know he has been getting a lot of crap.. people don't like him, say he is weird and I don't even know how else they describe him, but seriously, he had some serious cajones last night for calling Michelle's bluff. (Seriously girl? You can only pull that kinda thing once, mkay?) And walking her crazy hiney ho right out the Do'! THANK HEAVENS!

And he did it again when he kicked Elizabeth out the door... A guy doesn't like a tease.... Ask my husband.. too bad we are already married!! Note to Elizabeth.. save that stuff for AFTER marriage... guys don't like it before-hand. Oh wait, they don't like it... EVER!!!! DUH! She got what she deserved.. but honestly, if she didn't get to go out that way, she couldn't have shown her "cry on screen" skills. Let's be honest, she probably had a boyfriend back home and she told him she wouldn't kiss the bach if he let her come on to improve her career... Ok, Nanny from some dull place who currently resides in L.A.!!!!

That is all I got for you this week, besides... Who the heck was VALISHA?? I swear, I never saw her until she got a close up for NOT getting the rose!


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Leah said...

Oh that is funny. Alli is driving me crazy! If Jake had to marry to Vienna or Alli, he should choose the former because Alli is such a jerk face. She won't leave anything alone and has to rub everything in. She needs to cool it. She's looking really bad. She may not be causing the drama, but she escalates it 100% and that's exactly how she'd treat sweet little Jake. Alli...not good.

How could a girl be on a TV show for weeks and we never see her until she leaves? I was thinking she was like the white house crashers crashing the bach or something!

Leah said...

Vienna doesn't seem as bad as the girls are making her out to be. I think they are jealous. She is a little socially clueless at times, but I forgive her.

Leah said...

My THIRD comment!!! Okay, Reality Steve was wrong on Ella! Maybe he's wrong on other stuff too????

And, the crazy girl was hilarious. She's like, "I'm going home. I can't handle this. I want to leave." Then Jake grants her wish and she is shocked. Hello! She's practically left twice already. She is not all there.

Melissa-Mc said...

I think that Elizabeth left still thinking that the reason he sent her home is because she wouldn't kiss him.

Hollyween said...

Excellent recap. Mine is finally up! I had a huge computer virus this morning.... AWFUL!!!

okay, How sad was Valisha when she left? I really felt for her. Poor girl.

I hope Leah is right about Reality Steve bring wrong about other things. I made the mistake of checking his website recently and I'm still kicking myself for reading something on there I shouldn't have. Stupid reality Steve!!

Um, did you notice Ali's bad hair? What gives?

Jeanelle said...

Okay, thank you again for the linking love! The only thing I remember about Valisha is she had HUGE boobs. Sad that that is all I can remember! She was very pretty but for whatever reason, he didn't keep her. You have to know they must have tons of stuff they don't show us so she must have just been incredibly boring? I got so beyond tired of all of the griping and complaining. I know it creates drama but really, it's not fun to watch. The girls should just be looking at promoting themselves to Jake and not knocking down everybody else (unless of course someone is making out with a producer or is flat out crazy.) Even though I can't stand Vienna, she's only 23 and she's twitterpated. That's why she's stupidly blathering on about how wonderful her date was. The girls should know better. Longest comment of the year...just might be! And it's only January!!!

abbyandcompany said...

I can't stop thinking 'Sausage' when I hear 'Vienna' thanks to the recap I sent you.


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