Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Commentary on YOUR commentary.

I see. I see what you are saying... I can't go wrong with these pictures. All the looks are "good" and maybe "B" is only slightly better than the others.

For the record, I liked "B" the best too. If I was going to frame a picture of myself and put it in my house, it would probably be "B" and since you liked "B" so much. I will show you the "B" alternates. Because I had a dual purpose in taking these pictures.

I wanted to give my husband a headshot for his desk. Because he has no proof in his office that I exsist. He has proof of 4 children, but no proof of the woman who spent countless hours with an aching back, and swollen cankles. . who crossed through the valley of death for at LEAST 3 of them. (Do c-sections with your first count? Seemed like the easy way out really.) Who has miles and miles of stretch marks and vericose veins and dealt with wicked sciatic nerve problems! Who has wiped endless bumbs and noses, and . . . well, you get the picture. He has no proof of me.

So, I wanted to be sure he had some. I WAS going to give him "B". Until he saw them on Facebook and said he didn't like "B". . . because it looked like I was doing a math problem in my head. (Which, sadly to say, I am not good at) I was stunned, because, I LIKE "B"! But he actually liked a different one, and when I shared my "surprise" with him, he said he wanted to CHOOSE HIS OWN. Humpf. Whatever.

Anyway, back to your commentary.

I understand.

Do not,

under ANY circumstances.


choose "E".

It would be a horrible, horrible, mistake.

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