Thursday, May 27, 2010

We interrupt WHY I WEEK for a quick open letter to a celebrity

Dear Bret Michaels,

You are sick. You should really stay in bed. (We know that is where you would rather be anyway... ) You are making yourself look REALLY DESPERATE for cash. I mean, I know you should "Strike while the iron is hot" and all that, and, it has been surprisingly hot for you since you started your romp with as many women as possible show. (Oh wait, I think it is called Rock of Love).

Really, with Diabetes, a stroke, and a hole in your heart, I think you ought to spend some time recovering, because if you don't. . . well, I hear there is no "Rock of Love" in heaven. I am not sure that I am saying I think you should stick around this earth, because there are people all over the world who are donating the hair of their heads so you can wear it under a sweaty headband, and I think there are probably a few cancer patients who could use that hair. Just own up to your baldness man. It is a better move. You can keep the guy liner, but, come on.

Anyway, best of luck in your recovering hiking Mt. Everest. I hear is is a doozy, so, be careful. But make sure to have those video cameras on. Because it would sure be a waste to miss any second of your life on film.




cher said...

Funny. and true!

Arian said...

He's climbing Mt. Everest now?? Crazy man.
Hey, I just caught up on my Bachelorette watching. Did you do a review? That is half of the fun of watching the show. Ha ha.

Lindsey said...

Dear Arian,

His is not climbing Mt. Everest. I was just being sarcastic. :)

jessica said...

and this is why i love you, and need you in my life...thanks for the laughs!


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