Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Covet No More

Last year, I was coveting these. Oh my gosh. That was TWO years ago. My how time flies when you are living on the very edge and teetering back and forth in the wind.


I was coveting.

But the other day, I went to THE RACK.

I have a size 12 shoe.

If I find a shoe in a size 12, I buy it.

Ok, not all the time.

There are some homely looking size 12 shoes. I don't buy those.

But life is hard enough than to have to go barefoot too.


So, if I like it, I buy it.

So, the other day I bought these.

I love them.

Do you know how much fun it is to take pictures of your feet while you are walking? My neighbors think I am weird.

Know what else is super cute in awesome sandals? Baby feet.

Too Cute.

I have to make sure my see it and buy it philosophy doesn't end up drowning my girls in shoe options.

Maybe I don't have to worry. When I asked Abby if she liked my sandals, she said, "I think they are kinda weird lookin'"

Oh well, can't win them all.


Natalie said...

i love them! I have a friend w/ size 12 feet. Everytime i shoe shop i glance through for her and there are some cute finds. now i will pass them on to you too:).

Lindsay said...

Lindsey, I totally remember when you were coveting them! You got a great pair and you have darling feet to go with! Happy shoes to you!

jessica said...

Love them!


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