Monday, May 24, 2010


Ok, someone won the citrus press.

Crazy huh.

Guess what?

You could STILL totally get the citrus press. . . FOR FREE.

If you hosted a catalog party with me.

Serious! I don't care if you live in Timbuktwo!

(Pampered Chef will totally ship there, I am sure!)

I can set you up on my website and you can have all of your friends order and then guess what. You STILL get FREE PRODUCT AND I will throw the citrus press in too.

Because I am nice like that.

And because I like FREE STUFF as much as the next person.


If you are not KATIE! Who said, "I would love to win this! I make a lemon cake that requires TONS of fresh lemon juice and I hate squeezing them by hand!" (Number 38 by

Then you can host an on-line party and STILL get your citrus press for FREE.


Come on, wouldn't it be nice to STILL get something for FREE?

PS- I WILL be doing my customary blog post on the Bachelorette, but I will be waiting my turn, because I have "Joined Forces" with Jeanelle and Holly, both of which obsess equally as much as me on The Bachelor. :) Holly will be posting tonight (or tomorrow - NO PRESSURE HOLLY!) and Jeanelle will do next week. I will be privileged enough to do week 3. We all started saying/thinking/and feeling the same thing anyway, so, it just made sense!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I can't believe I won!! I have never won anything before, I'm so excited! Thank you!


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