Monday, May 10, 2010

You're a hard habit to break . .

Does anyone else hear a blaring horns section after that phrase? Just me?

Here he is, my perfect child. Outside playing. By himself. His older siblings having gone to school.

There was a mircoburst windstorm and he was thoroughly enjoying it. Laying out his blankie, takin' in the rays.

I glanced outside, and a smile met my face.

I grabbed my camera to document the super cute moment.

And then, I think he heard me.

And he started acting a little suspicious. So, I zoomed in with my camera lens. . .

Then I saw it. The FORBIDDEN BINKY.

Which we battled over.

Apparently, that battle isn't over.

Let's just say, he is SUPER good at hiding it.


Jeanelle said...

Oh that made me LOL. It's like us (okay, me) sneaking a mini kit kat when nobody is looking.

Emily said...

oh so sneaky and so cute all at the same time!!

calibosmom said...

I LOVE it! I was a sneaky thumb sucker. He is so adorable and I love that he went all the way out to the trampoline to get some binkie time. Too funny.

The Grant Family said... sneaky! And cute too :)

Natalie said...

too cute! we have a sneaker too. crue has been waking up w/a bink in his mouth. i need to find the hiding spot and soon...

jessica said...

I totally heard the horns!!! What a little sneaky sneak.

Gabi said...

But he's so cute! C'mon Mom, let him keep it.

Thanks for your recommendation this weekend. You are right, lots of amazing offerings through Chandler Rec! Look forward to seeing you soon.


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