Monday, August 3, 2009


The other day I posted on my facebook page that Target was having a "clearance sale" on all of their toys. It just happened to be on Abby's birthday. I had just dropped Jaxon off at therapy and was going to stop off at Target for "just a few last minute items." I mean, after all, we were ALL in our pajamas, so I wasn't gonna stay. . . .

It started off innocently enough. I saw there was a "clearance" aisle in the toys section and I started thinking about Jaxon's birthday that is coming up. There were lots of boy toys and I even snapped a few pix on the cell to text to Peter and get approval.

Here was the first item. . Star Wars. . slam dunk. . I can't read the tag (cell phone pic) but it was around $2. Normally $10.

Just as I did that, a woman went by me with an entire cart full of toys. I though, wow. She is really going crazy!! I started to go up and down the aisle and realized that there were "clearance" items on EVERY AISLE! And before you know it, I was throwing stuff in my cart right and left. The Target employees were unloading boxes of toys as I went and was even patient enough to score a Transformers talking helmet (?) for 75% off! (Definitely a coveted birthday item)

Wade of course wanted THIS.

It was NOT on sale, but is on my short list for "Black Friday".

Wade had a hard time with "NO".

My last text included this image. And the words:


Peter and I carefully sifted through the toys I had grabbed and made a yes/no pile. This the the pile that stays. . . I added up all of the tickets because I was curious to see how much I would have "spent on Christmas" this year. It added up to $367.80. (Ok, a few of those items were earmarked for Jaxon's birthday, but still). . . My final bill? $94.36. Just to give you an idea. . there were only 4 items on my list that were over $5 and NONE over $10!


Oh, and that lady with the full cart? I told her that she seemed to "know" this was going on. She admitted to it and said that it happens sometime in the last two weeks of July every year. NOW YOU KNOW. . .put it on the calendar for NEXT YEAR and save some Holiday bucks! :)


Jeanelle said...

that is fan-freaking-tastic! You totally rocked that sale. What a stress-free holiday you will have this year!!! Oh and I just heard about another great cupcake place. we're planning a work field trip soon so I'll check it out...for you, of course!!!

Jill said...

Score!!! I LOVE TARGET. I got some great deals too...and still have toys stocked under our guest bed from last years sale too!! YAY for TOYS!

Julee said...

I'm so glad I saw your FB status. I got to my Target that night before they closed. They didn't have a huge selection at that point, but I scored several great deals, too. Thanks for the tip!

jessica said...

How did I misss this!!! I am totally putting it on the calendar for next year. I love that picture of Wade walking with that huge toy.

Oh and can you believe EVAN is still in it and ADE is GONE!!!! I can't get over it. Seriously it is making me so mad!

Laurie said...

Sweeeeet! It is so going on the calendar next year - thank. you. Lindsey! I'll be stalking the toy aisles next July!

Tammy said...

Wow! That's awesome! I wish I had known about this. Mason is in desperate need of new toys.


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