Monday, February 18, 2008

Abby's Ski Adventures

Here is some video of Abby Skiing today, and me, commentating.. She is doing great in skiing, so I just wanted to show you some progress. Just look at the view! I know the video is choppy, but I am skiing, and video taping, and it always makes for a challenge. Hopefully you don't lose your lunch while you are watching!

If you are concerned that my scream sounded like I was going to biff it, I didn't. But as soon as I saw my daughter tucking down the hill, I got a little nervous, and yelled at her to slow down! That sound you heard was the beginning of my YELP!

1 comment:

abbyandcompany said...

Dear Abby: Can you teach me how to ski too? You are amazing. Thanks.


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