Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day is for LOVERS

Or, people who just want to get stuff off their chest! That is what category our little Abby falls into.

On Sunday, Abby went to put her Valentines Day cards together in her room. She took her list of classmates, and off she went. I though, WOW! This is great! I don't have to worry about this card thing one bit! This morning I decided that I better make sure she didn't skip anyone in her class or whatnot, so I decided to look through the letters . . .just to make sure. . .

It seems as if she took making her Valentines Day cards to another "level" by personalizing them. Maybe she personalized them just a little TOO much. I will let you be the judge. I snuck them off to the bathroom where Peter was brushing his teeth, and we snickered at a few of the "personalizations" that she made. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: Kara, the one that says, "will you forgive me?" Is for Cade I have no idea what she did, but whatever it was, I am sorry too!?/!?!?

Amy: The one that says, "Now will you listen to me?" Is for Abby, I am not sure what that is about but it made me laugh.

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Wes and Abby Heartheads with Wes sticking out his tongue at Abby, and Abby's hearthead crying...

HONORABLE MENTION: Drew's Snazzy shoes, and Tanners GUN?


Lindsay said...

Hilarious! Love the illustrations!

abbyandcompany said...

First off abby is a great artist. Second, I agree with the listening thing: I wish she would listen to me too!


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