Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It has been a LONG while since I have had a Jaxon-ism. I am not sure why . . he is always funny, but sometimes I think it would either be too much to explain, or it is kind of an inside joke. Today, I guess the situation was perfect.

Jaxon came down with a fever this morning, and I decided to keep him home from school. He wasn't acting particularly sick, but his checks were the rosiest I have EVER seen.

My washing machine is broken, and so I took Jaxon and Wade to the laundro mat, which is as 'bout as much fun as having a hot poker in the eye. Anywho, he seemed fine enough, and other than dumping 6 quarters into a dryer that only takes two, he hung out, and ate lunch with me, etc.

We got home at about 2:00, and I decided I need to have a quiet time. So I put the kids to bed. Jaxon willingly went, which is not normal, but, since he had a fever, I figured it was pretty much par for the course.

At 4:00 I decided to wake him up. After all, his favorite show was on. (Cyberchase, PBS) I opened his door, and went to his bed to wake him up.

Me: Jaxon, don't you want to get up?
Jaxon: No, shut the door.
Me: Are you sure Jaxon?
Jaxon: Yes, SHUT THE DOOR!

I retreated, but left the door open, as I was certain he would come to his senses, and want to watch cyberchase. He KNOWS it is on about that time, and I had told him before 'quiet time' that he could watch it when he got up.

A few seconds later, I hear his feet hit the floor, and I smile to myself, thinking... I was right! WRONG! The door SLAMS shut! I open it again and say,

"Don't you want to get up?"

I guess I was convinced after that, and I left him alone. I went to get him again at 5:30, fearing he would be up all night if I didn't. The conversation went much the same way, but this time I interjected, "BUT, Don't you want to watch CYBERCHASE?" "Oh, yeah..." he said, and finally pulled himself out of bed. :)

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Christie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words.

I love this - I can so relate. Who among us ever wants to be awoken from a nap? Not me, that's for sure. I love your pics on your blog - beautiful family!

abbyandcompany said...

okay, I TOLD you I would be happy to watch the boys! I cannot believe you hauled them both to the laundry mat. I called you when I got home, boy you must have ants in your pants!


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