Friday, February 22, 2008

Curse the Cupcakes

I like food. It is not a secret. It is a family thing. If you visit our family food blog and click on Cookies and Yum you will find double the recipes, maybe even TRIPLE the recipes of any other link on the blog. What does that mean? We like dessert the BEST!

So, on most days, I think about cake.
Cake just happens to be my favorite dessert. I am not sure why. My favorite cake of all time is from Leslie's Bakery in Salt Lake City. I am not ashamed to admit, that if I am in town, I will drive to Leslie's and buy one, for absolutely no occasion, or celebration other than the celebration of eating it. If you are there, and want to buy one, it is well worth your $20 if you LOVE cake. It is called the Black and White cake. (White cake with Chocolate Fudge-like Frosting and this cream kindoflikemarshmallowbutnot stuff on top that I have yet to replicate, but dream about often. Buy one, you will thank me)

Anyway, I have long been on the search for more cake. As a matter of fact, when my sister, mom and I went to the Ellen Show
last February, we mapped out all of the best bakeries in Hollywood, and went on a Cupcake Tour. It was fabulous!

I have finally found a place to eat cake here. I admit, sometimes I plan excursions to the area JUST so I can eat their cake. My beloved husband brought me a box of these cupcakes just after giving birth to Wade. . . I mean, I LOVE these cupcakes.

Today, I planned a trip to the said area, JUST TO EAT CUPCAKES, and they were out. AGAIN! This is the second "trip" I have gone on to get Cupcakes and they were suddenly out. I am pretty sure there is some kind of conspiracy to keep me from eating their cupcakes. But, I will thwart their plans, and next TUESDAY, I will call the bakery at 9:00 a.m. and reserve said cupcakes until I come and pick them up at 4:30 when I am at speech therapy for Jaxon, and THEN AHHHHHHHHHHH THEN, WILL I EAT CUPCAKES!!!!!!!


Christie said...

Hey just for you, I went and labeled all my recipe posts (which aren't that many). I think I shall have to bake more. Thanks for the heads-up!

Hillary and Trevor said...

Hey Lindz, when you come to SLC there are a few cupcake shops that have popped up recently, so we will tour them one day when you get here. I've had those cupcakes at Rockwood and they do rock!

Jessica said...

Guess what I got on Valentines Day? Dessert from Rocket Bakery. You and me need to have a playdate there.

abbyandcompany said...

I thought the rockwood thing was to preserve my sanity, but now I realize it was just about the CUPCAKES!

Practically Spent said...

I have to chuckle about all your posts about.....cupcakes. You've never faltered in your love, adoration and enjoyment. For that, you should be commended. ;)
(P.S. You made me really hungry for these little buggers ~ and right before bed, I might add.)


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