Friday, April 4, 2008


So, my husband and I were having our late dinner after arriving in Vegas at the China Grill in the Mandalay Bay. A very shwanky restaurant with a fusion nouveau asian style. Nothing was under $30, and EVERYTHING was a la carte. Love those kind of places eh? You just KNOW you aren't getting out of the restaurant for under $100.

Anyway, we were sitting at a table for two, and there were 3 or 4 tables for two in a row, tight together. So tight, we could see what everyone else was having for dinner. The couple to my left, left and left their dessert tray on their table only 1/2 eaten. Their were a variety of cookies, and something that looked like a creme brulee, and they had eaten that, but left everything else untouched. (Click on it to see the yummy left-overs) Can you see it? Just sitting there in all of its goodness???

We finished our meal, but decided dessert would be a bit MUCH, so I JOKINGLY said, "We should just take theirs!" (It had been sitting there for at least 10 minutes) My husband said, Ok! Go ahead, GRAB IT!
I protested and started to giggle, thinking it WOULD be kind of funny. But was WAY too embarrassed to be even thinking of such a thing in a fancy restaurant. Then he said, "Well, if you won't do it, I WILL!" He started to lean over to grab it and I kicked him under the table. His big gesture to grab it was WAYYY to obvious, and although the restaurant was dark, I KNEW someone would notice.

It was then that it happened... He goaded me on... referred to my prior college days when I would do all sorts of things upon a dare (crawling army style down the aisle at Safeway with a jar of salsa in my hand, on a Saturday BYU--Don't ask, it was a dare). My adrenaline started to pump, and I started to laugh at the thought....I couldn't let him think that I had gone SOFT! I thought about it for a few more minutes... and my husband goaded me on a few more times, and .... I DID IT! I grabbed it!!!! You might think that is gross.... BUT, IT WAS ON A DOILEY!!!!!


Shally said...

There is absolutely no reason a good dessert should go to waste...

calibosmom said...

That is sooo funny! You crazy woman!!! I have a feeling your Safeway salsa days aren't over yet! So what did you eat? I can't believe you didn't get a picture of you scarfing it down before the waiter came back.

gab said...

You are a nut. And I'm glad you documented it all for our enjoyment!

Jessica said...


And the pictures are the best part.

aric & jess said...

I was the queen of dares...scaring people at Denny's wearing an old man face mask...chasing a stranger in the parking lot of food 4 less with a cucumber...You go girl!

aric & jess said...

So I just read your comment on Penny's blog...I'm totally in on the blog party...Do it!

Oh and I can't do bachelor tomorrow...we are celebrating Aric's birthday since he was in Utah and I was in Oregon...maybe next week!

Bridget said...

That's awesome! Good for you. That was a reference to the Seinfeld episode where George eats the donut from the garbage can, right? Love it!

Not quite the Bradys said...

THAT. IS. SO. FUNNY!!! And hooray for commando-crawling through the grocery store. I think we're going to end up being great friends someday. : )

Penny said...

That was great!! I'm so glad you have pictures to document it!

I would love to get together for a blog party- I live about 2 blocks from Jessica A. and next door to Jessica R. And I TOTALLY meant the Drew comment as a compliment-
I think she is adorable!

And by the way, I watch the Bachelor too! Those girls are nuts!

Natalie said...

Hilarious! I wish I were a little more adventerous. Thanks for a great giggle!

Lauren said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog...I am so glad I rushed right over to see who you are because I can tell you are totally my kind of gal! That was fantastic!

I love that you were concerned that you had gone soft...way to show him you are still a force to be reckoned with!

So, are you in the same Ward as Jessica R. and Jessica A.?


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