Friday, April 4, 2008

What Happens in VEGAS, STAYS in VEGAS

My husband LOVES me. Wanna know how I know? He knows that the nicest thing he can do for me is put me on a beach with warm weather, and that is just what he did. Here are my red toes, in Vegas, on a warm 80 degree weather beach. (So what if there is no ocean near by! I got what I wanted.) And THIS is how I know, my husband loves me.

Wanna know how ELSE I know he loves me? He got me a room at the Mandalay Bay, JUST so I could put my red toes in the sand. (We could have stayed elsewhere for free) But the best part is, he got us upgraded to a jacuzzi suite on the penthouse floors. (Floor 60! We even get to take a special elevator!) Here is our view from our room. [When he checked in, they only had smoking king, or a queen queen. He said, "But it is my ANNIVERSARY!" and they upgraded him for a deal!]

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Shally said...

We almost went to Vegas this weekend-- but my husband was on call. Maybe next weekend!

I am in total agreement with needing the toes to be done. Mine don't have to be red-- but I need them nicely done. Most of the time the pedi is done by me **sigh**...but it makes me feel so much better to have nice toes!!

That is HILARIOUS that you got a pedi in the airport!!


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