Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cleaning House

None of you in the blogger world know this, but I can make jewelry... by hand! YUP! I used to do "at home" parties where I would come and teach everyone how to make jewelry. I am SURE I would have been a hit at Blogapalooza tonight!! However, I have a PROBLEM.... I haven't had a party since this cutie pie was born.
And I still have LOTS of jewelry! So, I decided to clean house. I am going to sell all of my jewelry at wholesale prices right here on my blog! (That means it is 50% off the original price) The great thing about it is that .... you don't have to make it! So, I will post pieces from time to time and whomever posts that they WANT the item first, gets it!(This does not mean you can't just post a general comment) Oh, and I only have a few of each item, so, first come first served. Shipping is Priority $5.00 and I will send you a paypal bill once I get your e-mail address. Easy as pie.
Lava Stone on Sterling Silver chain. Bracelet also has swarovski crystals.
Necklace $15 Bracelet $15 Earrings $5 Whole Set: $30
Long Single Strand Necklace (No Clasp) Pearls, Swarovski Crystals on Gun Metal Chain (oohh cool) $15 You can wrap it around your neck, wear it tied in a knot.. You name it!

Oh, and don't forget, Mother's Day is around the corner. :)


Anne said...

While I don't wear jewelry myself, I can totally appreciate your work! Beautiful. I'm very impressed. I'm sure that if I even wore my wedding ring, I would be lining up for this stuff!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

really cool... but I also dont wear jewlery.. odd huh?

Natalie said...

Does the second set come with earings as well? I love it and want it. thank you.

Penny said...

Both sets are beautiful! I wish that I could buy one of them. Keep posting pictures, I will get something eventually- I hope!

Thea said...

hey lindsey. I want the lava set! I make jewlewy too and even have some lava beads, but heck I always sell or give my stuff away. So I will buy yours and keep it for myself!

Julianne said...

I know this is late, but do you have earrings with the second set left?


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