Monday, April 21, 2008


If you don't know, I am celebrating my birthday WEEK... That is right, as mentioned before, I think EVERYONE should celebrate for a whole week because it is much more fun. Anyway, when your husband is gone on a trip on your birthday, you have to celebrate on a different day anyway because celebrating on your birthday would then be less fun. However, I am still going to celebrate with my girlfriends and I will be spending all morning at a day spa, and eating my favorite cupcakes (don't worry, I ordered them ahead of time) and going to a more universally liked place of dining... PF Changs.

So, I will be in good company, but it turns out that I have good birthday company as well! And since I am celebrating for a whole week, I will show you who I also share my birthday WITH!
Jennifer Garner: My favorite, I was a HUGE Alias fan.. So happy to celebrate with her... I hear she is crafty too!
Victoria Beckham: Ok, I will never be as into fashion as she is.

Kate Hudson: Super cute hippy.. I would never let my boy have girl hair.

America Ferrera: All american woman.

and, my husband's favorite: Ashley Judd.

All of these ladies share this special WEEK with me ALONG with the famous blogger....Bridget!
(See! I am not the ONLY person who takes pictures of themselves! I am sure she took more than one!)
Happy Birthday Bridget! You are in good company!

Oh, and just so you know, I only share my ACTUAL birthday with Jeffery Dean Morgan, Aaron Spelling and Jackson Nicholson. Oh well.


Bridget said...

Oh, I love it. Jennifer Garner is beautiful so yippee for you. I share a birthday with Tony Danza and Robert Smith from The Cure. I know. REAL cool. Of course they are the ones I know because back in the early 90's when I cared to look into that information, that's who was big. Great blogging idea though. Hats off to you.

Happy almost birthday to you!! How old, I mean young, are you going to be anyway?

Kara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you're getting some cupcakes...I was wondering. Looking forward to a yummy dinner. Enjoy your fun day!

calibosmom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! Have a fantastic week of doing everything you want to do!

Not quite the Bradys said...

Happy birthday to you! I just stopped by to say I got my name-the-blog prize and I LOVE THEM! So pretty! Thank you. (In case I didn't already email you about that. [?] Sorry, pregnancy brain gets worse with every kid. I only have a couple functioning brain cells left.) : ) Hope you have an excellent week. (BTW- I whole-heartedly agree with weeklong birthday celebrations. That is how it should always be.)

Tricia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linds! A whole week though of celebrations? I say a MONTH! =) Enjoy!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear Lindsey! Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!!(In that last part, I went up into my highest saprano range with mucho vibrato!) Thought that I should pull out the best for your birthday! Hope your day is amazing!

gab said...

Ashley Judd is my fave too. Double Jeopardy is the BEST. Happy birthday. Looks like April is a good time for beautiful babies!

Ilene said...

Super glam during this week. I don't think anyone shares my birthday week or day- at least anyone exciting. I remember getting one of those books of what happened on your birthday and well, it was boring.

Obviously my birth had not been recorded in the book. That makes things more exciting.


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