Friday, April 4, 2008

The Importance of Red Toes

My husband planned a trip for our anniversary. I had one day in between coming home from Utah, and leaving for our trip and in that amount of time, I had a LOT to do. Being gone for one week in Utah I was doing laundry and getting the house cleaned and ready for Grandparents to take over for the weekend. I got everything done...pretty much.... everything but my Pedicure.

All my kids were home because spring break was this week, and I never had a chance in between 5 loads of laundry, cleaning the house, depositing checks, returning clothes etc. etc. etc. to get my pedi.

But, I ask you this ONE question.... CAN YOU GO TO VEGAS WITHOUT A PEDICURE? I think not. Luckily, I had an hour layover in Seattle and as I was walking down the terminal, I saw BUTTER. A pedi/mani shop right there in the airport! What a fabulous idea! I guess they figured there are plenty of people out there like me who just can't get something like that done unless they are in an airport. I only had an hour layover, and they claimed the process only took 20 minutes (no water is involved). It didn't matter to me, because all I needed was red toes. Of course, I couldn't put my shoes back on, so I had to wear the little spa slippers and shuffle through the airport terminal. (Would you do that for red toes in Vegas? I think so.)

It took a little longer than I had anticipated and Peter and I were planning on having a late dinner in Vegas, so after my Pedi (still wearing the spa flip flops), I stopped by the magazine shop to grab a snack and a mag. I arrived at the gate with about 10 minutes to spare to find.... the GATE WAS CLOSED.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...My anniversary date with the husband would be ruined! I approached the desk, and the man looked right at me and said, "Are you Lindsey? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????" I was hoping he didn't see my bright yellow flip flops and I said, "The Magazine Shop?" I put a question mark because I wanted him to think I was the most stupid person on earth and that I had no idea what I was doing. It worked. He never looked at my feet, (Thank heavens) and walked me over to the gate and with a little more scolding, told me to never do that again... I played dumb and yessired him all the way. . . On my way to VEGAS WITH RED TOES! (It was worth it)


aric & jess said...

So something that would happen to me! I'm so glad he (scolding flight attendant)let you on the plane!

Natalie said...

I think that we are the same person. FREAKY. Just last week we were in Florida and a couple of days before we left I told Ryan (almost in tears) my ginormous list of things to do: "this and this and this and that and wa wah waaa. And I can't even find 45 minutes to get a pedicure. How am I supposed to go on VACATION without a pedicure?" I hate to say it, but I did go on vacation without my toes done and I only thought about it twice a day. So noble of me, right?


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