Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Love

I only have 10 more minutes left for this post. 8 Years Ago Today, I got married. Although we already celebrated in Vegas, I had an insane day, and my husband has been horribly neglected. So, I want to show him that I really do care. My inattentiveness today in no way reflects the blessing that this day has been in my life. I still want my husband to know how much he means to me on this special day.
He is patient, loving and kind. He is more generous than anyone I have ever encountered in my life and I love him for that. At Christmas, we go to the tree of sharing and pick out a person matching the description of a person in our family and buy their gifts. Not just one, or two, but EVERYTHING they put on the list (Peter insists it be so) and then, he will buy the most coveted item that he can find and buy it for an 8 year old kid. (We don't have an eight year old)
Most people would never know the kindness he has in his heart. But I do.
Most people would never see what he goes through for our family. But I do.
Most people would never understand how much he gives to others. But I do.
Most people would never believe how much he gives to our family. But I do.
Most people will never know how strongly he believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and tries to live it. But I do.
Most people never give him the credit he deserves. But I try.

Peter, I love you just the way you are and for all the things you do for us and everyone around you. Thank you for my beautiful family and for all that you do to put a smile on my face. I love you. Thank you for marrying me 8 years ago.


Amber said...

Beautifully written and you really hit it right on. There are so many things my husband does that only I know about...and it makes me that much more grateful for him.

Happy Anniversary!

Shally said...

Sounds like you got a good one!!

Bridget said...

That was so sweet. Way to get that post in at the buzzer.

You were a beautiful bride too!

Anne said...

Wow. Do you ever just think that this life you live is completely surreal? Like there is no way that it can really be THIS good? That's the way it sounds in your post. I feel like that often.

Jeanelle said...

what a sweet, lovely tribute to your husband and marriage. You're a lucky girl! And I found Jessica's blog through Celia's I think. I found hers through Denae's possibly? You lose track when you blog-hop, you know??

abbyandcompany said...

Wow. All that sweetness really makes me feel back for #29 on my tribute to Daniel!

aric & jess said...

Happy Anniversary! And what a sweet tribute to your husband. You were...and still are a beautiful bride!

calibosmom said...

That was really nice and I love your dress! Happy love day! Now go eat a cupcake out of the trash!

gab said...

Happy anniversary! Loved the photos.

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing the photos, too. I am nosy...er, I mean curious...and I love looking at wedding photos :)

This is a sweet post for him to read.

Ilene said...

Beautiful photos. LOVE wedding photos.

This is so much nicer of an anniversary post than mine was a few weeks back... but we are only on our seventh year and so perhaps I will be nicer on our eighth. Plus Dan left at 3:30am that morning for a business trip and so when the cat's away the mouse will be... bitter.

Jessica said...

So nice. I love hearing more about everyone's husbands.

Happy Anniversary and you looked so pretty, I was doing all these close-ups to see more of your gorgeous smile.

LOVED the cupcakes. You are the best.

Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought about you while you were in Vegas! Loved your BUT I DOs...tears to my eyes. When people see Peter and start tearing up it's because of this! SO Sweet!

Lindsay said...

And what a beautiful wedding day!


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