Monday, May 5, 2008

Modesty and Blowing Up

So, I take Abby in to get her Prize for winning a drawing contest at the Halmark Store in the mall. She submitted a colored picture in the 6-10 years old category and WON! They called and left a message for her to come and get her prize..

We stopped by the Mall tonight and the as one of the desk clerks went to get her prize the other decided to talk to her about her "talent"
Clerk: You did a really great job on your picture!
Abby: *smile shyly*
Desk Clerk: You must really like drawing!
Abby: Yeah, I like to draw a lot. . . . *thoughtful pause*. . .THAT is why I am SO GOOD at it.

I guess we still need to work on humility.

Peter and Jaxon

Peter: Jaxon don't eat so much! You might get sick again!
Jaxon: But dad, I am hungry!
Peter: But Jaxon, I don't want you to throw up again!
Jaxon: I feel BETTER! Don't worry dad, I don't Blow Up again. I already blew up in the car, so, I won't blow up again.

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gab said...

I hate blowing up too!


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