Friday, May 16, 2008

Product Placement

You need one of these:What is it? It is NOT just any old blender... it is a VITAMIX 5200... AWESOME EDITION. (ok, I added the last part)

A few weeks ago my MIL called and said, "Don't you want to go to Costco today?" My response to any such question is, "OF COURSE!" She then informed me that we would be going to watch a demonstration given by her nephew who sells VITAMIX blenders..It was going to be our job to Ohhhhhhh and Ahhhhhhhh and say.. MY Oh! MY!! And, if I were feeling lucky, my MIL was going to buy me one for Christmas. . . CHRISTMAS? I don't recall submitting my Christmas Wish List already.. Oh well.

We arrived at Costco and Johnny was whipping up the finest concoctions... Smoothies (obviously) Sorbets, Ice Cream, Salsa and even SOUP! Needless to say, I was a wee bit impressed and started to actually get a little excited about my potential Christmas gift. You see, I would NEVER buy one of these for myself because they have a WHOPPING price tag. $400 anyone? But looking at the prospect of getting one for *Christmas in May* was pretty exciting. (My MIL, sweet, supportive, AND generous--to a fault)

Then, Johnny got out one final appliance to seal the deal... a different blender that grinds wheat, rice YOU NAME IT.. into a fine powdery flour substance. THAT IS RIGHT! EVEN RICE! (Glutten Free Anyone?) SOLD SOLD And SOLD!!! (Ok, so I bought the extra grinder myself, but it is Soooooooooo worth it. I needed that *wheat grinder* for my food storage anyway, RIGHT?)

Well, since I have brought my new blender home, I have NOT been disappointed. I have made Ice Cream (Soooooooo fast, good, low fat, easy, and delicious- It melts kind of fast because it is made with ice.. but still, sooooo good.) I have made SALSA, ask Penny what she thought of it. And I have made Smoothies... and have turned my baby into a stark raving LUNATIC!

He has overcome his fear of the noise the blender makes because he has figured out what comes out of it... oh-so-good-yum-yum that he can't get enough of. I have yet to find out how much he can drink because I pull the plug on him LONG before he stops asking for more. The little tanker just screams.. MO! MO! MO! (his word for more) and throws a hissy fit on the floor when I tell him he is ALL DONE! At least it is something healthy I guess. :)


Lindsay said...

YUM!!! Julians have one and so you could swap recipes...on another note, outstanding job on Tuesday. For those of you who didn't come to our YWRS dinner Lindsey spoke and did such a perfect job! I also was swept away by her perfect OLD CITY accent!

Ilene said...

Now my ol' Cuisinart blender is looking trashy.

I always want to try some smoothie at Costco but the old ladies always beat me to it. You gotta be quick to get in front of those ladies.

abbyandcompany said...

when Whitney was doing my hair the other night we got on the subject of them getting a really cool blender as a gift. I asked if it was the Vitamix and they had no idea! Josh goes down to the basement and comes up with a brand, new spanking VITAMIX! They don't even know what they are missing!

Julianne said...

You should be in sales - I'm sold!

Natalie said...

I have one and LOVE it! Ryan was out of town when I bought it and I had had a really bad week, and he had a really good week and I felt entitled. I need to experiment with it some more though. Let me know what recipes you have found to be tried and true. Besides the salsa of course:)!

Penny said...

Have I already mentioned that I loved your salsa? ;) My mom has one of those and they love it too! I didn't know that it could grind wheat though- now that is impressive!!


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