Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Second Wave

Here is my second WAVE of jewelry clean up!
This cute little thing is made of glass blown beads, and silver plated spacers. Super cute summer time set that will go so great with everything you will forget to take it off. The necklace is made of beads and leather with a barrel clasp. Necklace $10, Bracelet $10 $ Earrings $5.00 Whole Set $23.00

NO BRACELET IN THIS SET: Super simple necklace and earring set with sterling silver and black swarovski crystal cubes. The earrings and necklace are exactly the same thing. The perfect compliment to your stylish black summer outfits. Necklace $20 (Sterling Sliver Snake Chain) Earrings $10.00 Whole Set $25.00
This Jasper stone is unique and rare. It is a BEAUTIFUL piece. Different and exciting. Gold plated chain with earrings to match! Set: $25.00 for both. Not sold separately.

Remember, I have limited supply on hand. First come, first served. Happy Shopping!


Penny said...

I love your jewelry, you are very talented! I almost asked you the other night to see what you had. But I got caught up in the Bachelor and forgot all about it. Thanks again, that was really fun. And I am totally going to make that salsa!

Shally said...

I want that necklace.. do I email you, or how do we do this?

calibosmom said...

You make WAY cute stuff!

Natalie said...

Please stop doing this to me. I feel as though I NEED to purchase ALL of your beautiful things! Beautiful Lindsey! You do have a talent!

i'm kelly said...

wow! beautiful. that jasper stone in incredible.


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