Thursday, May 15, 2008

Performance of a Lifetime

Well, if there is one thing we know about Jaxon it is that he is a performer and he has a sense of style that is well... interesting. Just the other day when he was getting dressed for school he got mad because his Star Wars shirt was dirty (He wore it just the day before) I told him to pick out a different shirt and he said, "But MOM!! None of my other shirts are COOL!" No doubt his teacher (or someone) told him his Star Wars shirt was cool, and now, no other shirts are worth wearing. I guess he would be considered "METRO" then. :)

Here is Jaxon's performance of "Coconut Soap" If you don't know.. he is the BOY with the BUTTERFLY sunglasses on.. his lei is a little skiwampus and he is definitely singing the loudest. To begin his performance he is sure to blow kisses to the crowd (in his Metro way) and attempts to instruct his neighbor at the end to give a grand scale bow... (Yes, he is the only one who ends up bowing) During his performance.. he addresses his arch nemesis *Malachi* who is the only person at school that Jaxon can remember his name because their relationship is similar to Jerry and Newman's... (you know) Anyway, I hope this little performance cheers up your day. I think I could use a bath in some coconut soap... Rub a dub dub.

If you would like to watch his other performance of, "A Sailor Went to Sea" (Trust me, it is worth it to watch him "Shoo op doo op") Click on the video link under Family Videos!


Elizabeth Caldwell said...

It is so good for these boys to perform. I am going to a concert tonight where the orchestra will be playing a piece arranged by my John. No question, they do love performing and there is no question that they find their comfort zone on the stage :) Keep enjoying your boy, it will only get better!

Thea said...

Hilarious! I love watching their attention drift off and then snap back into focus. What a great opportunity to get comfortable with being his little Jaxon self with a bunch of others watching.

Ilene said...

Well, perhaps he doesn't have his cool shirt on but those butterfly glasses are pretty snazzy.

Penny said...

I couldn't get the videos to work. It just says that they are currently not available. Please try again later... I guess I will have to check back later.

Lindsay said...

He IS so talented! Emma's first concert was a whole videotape of her picking her by comparison you've got a grammy winner, oscar winner, you name it! And also, my elbows are a bit elusive too, that body part should just be taken out, their too hard to find!


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