Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burning Questions Week- Day 1

WOW! Your burning questions were so overwhelming! NOT. Either you think you already know all of my opinions, or you are boring. JUST KIDDING!

A little while ago I invited readers to ask their "burning questions". I always have one or two for the blogs I read. Especially if I have never met that person before. But, I did get a few, and maybe throughout this week, I will get a few more. But let's go back to the original post.

We will start with Leah's question. (Hi Leah! Love you!)

"My question...what are your thoughts about cosmetic procedures?! Botox? Face lifts?"

Here you have it Leah. I think that this has a very fine line. I have enough stretch marks and sags on this body to definitely NEED an intervention, that is FOR SURE! I recently got my Varicose Veins done in an outpatient procedure. (I totally have pix of the procedure, but never posted them) Remember the picture of them? This is where I wish I had photoshop, because I would draw a lovely circle around that big bruise like thing and say, "NOW GONE" and then I would draw little arrows to the tiny purple veins and say, "STILL THERE" and then I would draw little lines to the small incisions (oh wait, that would require a new pic) anyway, for all intents and purposes, I am EXTREMELY happy with the procedure (totally covered by insurance). NOW, all I have are those (stillnotverypretty) little lines and I am looking into getting them removed as well. (NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE- But possibly covered by PAMPERED CHEF) Anywho. . .

As far as touching the face, I would ask BURT REYNOLDS,
Little more sketchy on that end. I will do facials, facial peels MAYBE fillers (but the side effects and possible bad results scare me to death-- not totally convinced yet, but Courtney Cox looks pretty darn amazing for her age)

However, UNDER by clothes you better believe I am planning on a full tummy tuck and lift (You know where). I am doing my best right now to make it totally worth my time and money (Down 15 lbs!) But, I am not there yet. Once I get there, you better believe I will start saving my pennies. But don't tell me how much it is, I don't want to be discouraged.

What do YOU think about plastic surgery Leah? You definitely are the LAST person on my list who would need it, but, I am curious as to what YOU would do?


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