Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DWTS Really?

Was anyone just missing plain old entertainment last night?


It seems like ALL the performances were a little heavy handed in the DRAMA department last night.

Really? Is DWTS the place to show your firm conviction of same s*x marriage? If it is, I wasn't feelin' it. Because, if you didn't notice, Niecy and Louis are NOT the same s*x, FURTHERMORE, their dance of "forbidden love" was. . . Far from that. And her sour face was not so fun.

Then there was Chelsie and Jake's dance. Is it just me? Or do they seem thoroughly annoyed with each other. It is obvious that Jake has problems taking direction from a 19 year old girl. But Jake, let's get real for a minute. You may not like being beaten down by a 19 year old girl, but she IS the PRO. If you were teaching her to fly a plane, and she wasn't doing it right, would you get on her about it? Yeah, you would. Don't go too much further Jake, or I am going to think you are a P.I.G. an not the animal kind.. the chauvinist kind.

Ashley. Speaking of heavy handed. It was driving me BONKERS that you were talking in Buzz's ear during the judges critique. What the heck were you saying? Was is REALLY that important? It is a dancing show Ashley, and, Buzz isn't that good and it is the judges job to say so. Just give him a hug and get that chip off your shoulder GEEZ! EVERYONE had a chip on their shoulder last night!

I really cannot even respond to Tony and Kate's dance. The judges totally called it. Pedestrian. I would call it more stomping around, but pedestrian sounds more nice. Tony, if you want to know what to do, please read Ashley's instructions above. Just give her a hug and call it good, cuz she stinks. Oh, but Kate? On a personal note, PLEASE don't wear your super curly hair all pulled back in the banana clip and pull your bangs back again (hair-dressing WTH?) it is REALLY not a good look for you. Seriously.

DWTS- Next week, can you please lighten up? What is going on over there? For the "best cast EVER" ya'll are kinda stinkin' it up!

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jessica said...

Once again you have nailed it. Why is Buzz still on there, old men can't dance and Kate...oh Kate. She is just plain awful!


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