Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have always loved baby toes.
Even dirty ones.

For some reason, they look especially cute when they are sticking out from under a skirt.

I didn't dress Abby in skirts a lot when she was small. I personally didn't like wearing dresses when I was small. Those Gunny Sack dresses were... not comfortable. So, I rebelled. But then, Abby started wearing skirts all the time. Like all.the.time. so, consequently, Kaylie did too.
And I think she likes it.
And I like her toes sticking out at the bottom, oh, and that smile.
Good thing she's got those big brown eyes and that smile. Oy.


The Grant Family said...

She is such a little DOLL!!!! So cute!

calibosmom said...

I love baby feet! I prefer them clean so I can kiss them and I also take pictures of them. So cute!

jessica said...

I loved painting my girls toes and seeing them in sandals when they were little. I had a thing with dirt so they usually didn't get too dirty.


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