Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dearest Natalie, one of my most valiant fans, actually took the time to go BACK to my TV story and see if they posted the video of my spot, and, THEY DID!

I am here to tell you that the TV REALLY does add 10 lbs. Because I just LOST 10 lbs when I was doing my NO SUGAR thing.. and yeah, well, after I saw myself on TV, I was like, WAIT!!! I TOTALLY LOST THOSE 10 lbs! I should have consulted with someone on what NOT to wear when being filmed... i.e. white shirt. Mkay?

But since I love ya'll. I am going to let you check out the video anyway.

You can click on the link from my original post, or you can CLICK HERE.

Once you are there, click on the little (tiny) video icon below the story line and it will let you see the video along with ALL OF MY CHILDREN in their finest "acting" mode. Why can't kids just be natural? WHY? WHY? WHY?

And I also want to mention that I am a TOTAL VICTIM OF EDITING. Because my kids ALWAYS LOVE WHAT I MAKE! (ok, but they rarely dislike it) But they asked Jaxon what he doesn't like and he said, "Burned Pineapple" Which would mean, when I put pineapple, one of his most beloved foods, on the BBQ. He obviously doesn't like it when it is BURNT. End of story.. You watch the edit for yourself! :)

  • MY ANNIVERSARY (tomorrow... 10 years, thank you)



Danika said...

Glad you posted the video link - I totally forgot!

That book sounds like the "Deceptively Delicious" one that was written by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld's wife).

I've had the book for several years (in fact I wrote a whole blog post about it here):

There are some good recipes in there. I should get it out again and try some more!

Gabi said...

Love it Linz! You and your kids look so natural in front of the camera. I've been wanting to try those recipes. You've inspired me.

sistersue said...

I found you on blog frog and it sounds like we have a lot in common. I have 2 boys with Autism, love DWTS and Idol and have a home based party business only I'm probably old enough to be your mom! My kids are 41,36,21 and 20 yrs old (the 2 youngest are my boys with autism).

Arian said...

Hooray! I'm glad you posted the video. I wanted to see it. Love the clip. I've added purees to my kiddos food for a while. I have the book from Jerry Seinfeld's wife - Deceptively Delicious. It is the same concept. I even put a blog together way back when I was making tons of them and selling them. I put up different recipes and ideas that I came up with. It was

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link! You looked darling.

And those shells looked yummy!

Jill said...

How awesome!! You are so famous. Well done. Your kids are adorable and you are so cute. That was fun to watch. Go mama go!!!!!!


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