Thursday, April 1, 2010

Never too Early

It is NEVER too early to be ready for Mother's Day. Pampered Chef is giving you an opportunity to not only be prepared, but to get a great deal! Pampered Chef is giving you the Trifle Bowl for $10 off!

Pampered Chef RARELY gives a discount to anyone other than a host! So, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal.

I am going to make the deal a little SWEETER by offering FREE SHIPPING! If you order the Trifle Bowl from my website and enter FREE SHIP as the Host name, I will send you the Trifle Bowl for $10 off and with FREE SHIPPING! HOORAY!

This offer is not available at parties, and is only good on web-orders submitted in the way that I have outlined!

Need some ideas on what to put in your Trifle Bowl? Look no further!

These are just a few ideas! How about a gigantic Ice Cream sundae or you Mom's Favorite Candy! How about a few other Pampered Chef items! You choose! The Trifle Bowl is fantastic because the base is removable and you can store it right in the bowl. That makes it easy to store and easy to transport your Trifle for special occasions. It also had a lid to make sure it doesn't spill!
Get this great deal NOW! Valid April 1st through April 30th. Please share this post with others!


Ilene said...

Great idea!

So I can order and send to my MIL and Sister and Mother?


Jeanelle said...

The trifle dish rocks -- too bad I just ordered it! ;) Tell everyone to order and make my brownie trifle in it...oh and I saved a peanut butter trifle recipe somewhere too but haven't made it yet. Let me know if you want the recipes.

handbags*n*pigtails said...

I used to be a PC consultant so of course I have my own trifle bowl. When I was a consultant we came up with 80 trifle recipes and sent it to all our trifle buying customers!


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