Sunday, April 4, 2010

Burning Questions

My birthday is coming up.


I can hardly even stand it.

I have never really cared about birthdays.

I mean, they are fun, and are a great excuse to eat my favorite thing. . . CUPCAKES.

But, I never really cared about the whole "another year older" thing.

Until this year.

I just don't like it.

I honestly don't feel a day over 27! I mean, if you could choose an age that you feel stuck in, what is it?

I don't feel any older.

Don't feel much wiser (ok, maybe a little wiser, hopefully)

My body feels older. . kind of.

So, I am finally starting to feel torn.

Like, I don't get it.

Getting older.

When I am talking to my 8 year old daughter it feels like she was a baby just a couple of years ago.


Anyway, back to burning questions. . .

Do you have any?

Because I am an open book.


If you ask, you shall receive.

I will post some answers to celebrate my 37 years.


Leah said...

I agree!!! This aging thing stinks. I'll fight it. I think Botox will be my best friend followed by a face lift at 50.

My question...what are your thoughts about cosmetic procedures?! Botox? Face lifts?

Natalie said...

hmmmm...i am going to have to ponder on the perfect question. Maybe today while i am at the dentist. (thank you for the distraction:)!)

as for's such a love hate thing. i can't decide if i love it or hate it. what i do know is that i hate hearing people say "i've earned every single line on my face..." what??!!? we go about doing good, doing our best, serving, loving, laughing, and we earn wrinkles? and laugh lines? not okay.

jessica said...

I hear ya. I like being wiser. I like watching my kids hit milestones. I like having more job security. I hate being older than all the new families in our ward. I hate my kids growing like weeds. I hate watching my body start to sag.

I, like Nat, need to take some time and then I will come back with my burning questions.

Jessica said...

My question:

What are the top three things you've done to meet the new budget requirements you have?

Happy Birthday. I'm almost 36. There's something about being in the late 30s that sounds waaay too old.

jessica said...

So is it too late to submit a burning question?

Here is mine...
Since I have been short (5'3) my whole life I have had issues with tall people. I really feel intimidated by them...even you, until I got to know you. I always thought it would be great to be tall. I thought I would have more confidence, especially when I was younger. So here is my question...what is it like being tall? Do you feel weird around short people?


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