Sunday, April 11, 2010

Truly Disappointing Pictures of a FANTASTIC night.

April 8th, was DEFINITELY a night to remember. A few years ago we decided that we would take turns each year planning our Anniversary, because, after THIS ONE, I had to start doing some payback.

Peter always seems to get away with the most extravagant experiences though. And I HATE SURPRISES. Seriously. All kinds. The "life" surprises, the "fun" surprises, the "un-intentional" surprise. Seriously hate. I might be the only person on the planet, but it really grates against the control freak side of me. So, I don't like surprises... Good or bad. However, Peter INSISTS, on the most part, to always give me "Surprises" and then he relishes in my contempt for the Surprise. We have a great marriage, no?

It is kinda cute of him though, to go through so much effort and be in so much complete bliss because he is surprising me. Anywho, he pulled off another biggie and tried to make up for the fact that we had been planning for the past 5 years to go to Japan on our 10th anniversary. But the events of the past two years kinda put that one on the back burner.

It seems as though Peter and I cannot pull off any flattering pictures when we are on our own. Think that might be due to the close proximity of my arm holding the camera? Maybe.

Peter chose Roka Akor in Scottsdale as our dining destination. This would be the sister restaurant to Roka in London, Hong Kong and Dubai. Of course. Only the finest. Only.

I must admit, our eating experience there was out of this world. We even had Saga Beef. Served right there in that big 'ol leaf. With smoke coming out of the base and 4 kinds of salt to be used in lieu of soy. Soy.... so, overpowering, so, not good enough for the food we were eating. We had a Black Salt from Hawaii, a Green Tea Salt and a Himalayan Sea Salt (which I actually cook with everyday. Yes, it is THAT GOOD people) And just to give you an idea of how good that beef was, it was 1/2 the price of our meal ticket. THAT GOOD. And totally worth it for a once in a lifetime experience.
Peter can't open his eyes in pictures. Unless it is forced. Just look at the beef.
Then he took me to the Hyatt to ride on the Gondola. Que romantique. Our gondolier even sang us an Italian Aria.
Then, to top off the evening, we went to The Melting Pot. We decided long ago that dinner at the Melting Pot maybe wasn't worth the hype. But the dessert. . . the dessert DEFINITELY is. Order the Bananas Foster. Oh momma. I could bathe in it. And check out the privacy! Drapes? We made good use of them. And then I swore Abby would never be allowed on a date to The Melting Pot. 'Nuf said.

Thanks Peter, it was a magical "surprise" of a night.


Jeanelle said...

FUN! I love it when a guy plans romantic dates. And I totally agree with you about Melting Pot dessert vs. dinner but had NO idea about the curtains. Interesting... ;) Glad it was such a great night!

S said...

cute to read your blog

Natalie said...

last time we ate at the melting pot, there wasn't a curtain for the amorous couple across from us (like a mere 3 feet away from us) and no, piper won't be going on a date to the melting pot either, nuf said. we almost didn't enjoy our food because we felt so funny about what was happening right by us.

my fear of inviting you over for dinner has now been intensified. you have a sea salt preference??? such refined palates aren't welcome in my kitchen. we should meet at a restaurant.

Arian said...

Wow! That is quite the date! So impressive. My hubby isn't much of a blog reader but I should make him read this post to take notes from. :)

Ilene said...

10 years IS a big one. Looks like you guys celebrated in style.

We just had our 9th and it was a lackluster celebration. We need to do better for our 10th. Yours is certainly an inspiration.

I loathe surprises too. I like to plan.


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