Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Forced Lent

Sometimes it is necessary to FORCE people to give up something. Especially when that something is: A BINKY.

Wade has really enjoyed his Binky and about the time he turned 2, we decided to tell him he could only have the Binky when he was in BED. "Binkis are for BED Wade" was our mantra. It worked for the most part, but there would be times in the day when Wade would "disappear" for a while downstairs.

Typically, when I would walk down the stairs to see what he was doing, he would literally spit that Binky out so fast and stuff it under something it was a complete blur. I have to admit, I knew he was doing it but I didn't care... much..

It is like a secret habit. You know, the one you are ashamed of?

I didn't feel like I he needed to give it up.. I mean, as long as it stayed at home.

Last week, we arrived at the grocery store. Wade had insisted that he take his blankie to the store. Something he had never done before. I thought it was strange, but complied.. not wanting a battle right then. We got to the store and I told him he would have to leave the blankie in the car. He complied (we are so good like that) and left it.

He hopped into the little "car" attached to the cart when I heard it. I heard the Binky hit the ground. And there it was staring at me... the Binky. I looked at Wade and he stared back at me. I could see the fear in his eyes. He KNEW I was going to apprehend the Binky. I took it, and stated, as always, "Wade! Binkis are for B.E.D!" Instead of just giving up and being "caught in the act" he decided he was going to put on a act. LIKE A SCREAM THROUGH THE STORE ACT.

* Actual picture from the day of the "incident"

Now, I know, it was nap time, and he was tired, but I was incensed that he had snuck it to the store and then INSISTED on having it while we were in the store! If you push me, I'm gonna push back. He continued screaming all the way through produce while all the silver hairs looked at me like I was killing the poor child even though he was safely encased in plastic.

And then, I did it. It was time to be DONE. VERY DONE. I did NOT want this battle anymore. I marched over to the floral area and asked them to SNIP THE BINKY. She looked at me like I was 1/2 mad for a second and then did it.

I gave it back to Wade, and continued on. He was quiet. VERY QUIET. Almost as if going through a deep mourning, until I heard it. I have never quite understood it before, but now, I do. It is the biblical term, "Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth". Seen it. Heard it. Done it.

I had thrown down the gauntlet and Wade was going to be sure to let me know that he was going to come out the victor!

But you know what? He didn't. Because I scored him a cookie at the bakery. . and miraculously, the crying stopped.

Now all we have to deal with is him falling asleep in random spots because he won't nap without his binki. He even almost fell asleep at the dinner table.

Oh well, at least we are BINKY FREE! Give one more up to LENT!

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Natalie said...

My goodness, you're on a roll. What will you give up next? I can't wait to hear:)...


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