Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is LIKE stealing . . .

It is. I can hardly believe it. I have been meaning to post this all week. I have. I feel bad I didn't. Because it was a ROCKIN' deal. If you read Jill's blog, or Katy's blog you would have seen it anyway. So, I don't feel THAT bad.

I am NOT a couponer...I try to shop the deals. . . at Christmas time, I took advantage of the major deals at the grocery stores.. Buying groceries for $100 and when I looked at the "YOU SAVED" line it said $100! WOW! Even today at Walmart I asked them to match a price and they did it! But I am thinking I should be a little more consistent because there is some serious money to be saved! These two girls know how to rock a DEAL! After tonight, I think I am officially hooked.

I printed off my Huggies coupons and headed ACROSS the street to Walgreens (yes, Walgreens is LITERALLY across the street) and got my CHEAPO diapers.

Huggies on Sale $10
Coupon $5
Pay $5
Wipes on sale $6
Coupon $3

Buy $25 worth before coupons (pay only $13 plus tax) and get $10 in register rewards) Turn around use your register rewards and get ANOTHER pack of Diapers FREE.

SO: get 3 packs of diapers and 1 pack of wipes for $13. It was awesome! And soooooooo easy. I tried to get some more coupons, but no luck. The library wouldn't let me download the print software, Peter couldn't print them at work, but I was able to print from each of our computers so I had 4 of each coupon.

I went back tonight and got

1 Pack of Wipes $6
Coupon $3
1 Pack of Wipes $6
Coupon $3
1 Pack of Wipes $6
Coupon $3
Diapers $10
Coupon $5

$14 and I turned around and got ANOTHER $10 and walked right back and got another pack of diapers... FREE. Did you get that??? Walgreens GAVE ME $20. It was awesome. I even got a little bit of a rush. Jill checks out this blog and this blog and they will do all the work for you if you are a novice like me. Trust me.. it takes almost as much time just to read these blogs as it would to cut out all the coupons. But hey, these are tough times.. and we can all afford to save some money (can I get an AMEN?)

Check out their sites and give it a try... I swear, it was a rush.


Leah said...

Okay...I SO love you for this. I need this in my life. I have been feeling the urge to get with the program because I know there are freebies all around us. Enjoy the rush! Huggies obviously wants you to do this to be a loyal customer when the coupons are gone.

Melissa-Mc said...

I am such a sucker for a good deal. I will definitely check out those sites.

Andie said...

Ok. I'm going to get myself going on this. Thanks for the tips.

Also, how do you know the Baliffs? Just saw your commnent on her blog.

Keep shopping!

jessica said...

Thanks for the heads up! We are big coupon lovers over here...I can't wait to check those sites out!

Jill said...

Yippee! I'm so glad you did it. It's totally addicting huh!!!!!! I know all about the rush. I get it everytime. My husband is actually sick of all the free stuff we get because we have so much we're running out of space. How could you anyone be mad with free stuff?? Beyond me. Anyways, I did the transaction 5 times baby. I'm stocked up, bring on the baby!!
You're a rock star!

Bridget said...

That i awesome. I am checking out those blogs. I love getting a good deal. Way to go, friend.

abbyandcompany said...

My SIL came over to print her coupons b/c it sounded like a hassle to me. I buy target diapers, so i get a deal anyway. But free? I can go for that.

I did get 4 $25 dollar off coupons for both the floating cedars and the palm court for only $4, instead of $40. I think it ended yesterday, though. Check out krazy coupon lady for a good deal!

Andie said...

Kara and my sister were mission companions, and are still very good friends. Also, my brother lived in Spokane when he was in law school, and they are friends as well. What a small world.

Laurie said...

Ooooo, I love this! I get a major high when I save money!! I'm loving those blogs - thanks!

Jack Glen said...

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