Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To All the Girls I've Loved Before

I have a confession... I feel HORRIBLE about it. Seriously, so, go easy on me. . . here it goes.

I had a box in my hallway for two weeks like looked remarkably like this one.


It came from Jessica. Because a while back Jessica and I decided to swap some baby clothes. See, I was going to have a girl, and she just had a boy (in a round about sort of way). So, we decided to swap clothes. I send her Wade's clothes and she sends me her baby girl clothes. GREAT! We could both save some bucks!

My MIL delivered a bag of baby boy clothes to her shortly after her "delivery" and she was going to return it via my MIL. We tried to set up a rendezvous when the MIL came for THIS VISIT, but it didn't happen b/c she was coming from Hawaii (rough life, I know). So, a short time after the MIL returned home, I got word that a package was coming. . . I knew what was in it and I was stoked!

However, it arrived one day before *ell week. Except for you remember, *ell week was TWO WEEKS LONG. Really, it was all I could do just to survive. Serious.

My MIL came last week for the blessing of baby K and she saw the SAID BOX in my hallway. I said, "Oh yeah, it came right before spring break, and I just haven't had time to get to it because:

A: It was Spring Break and survival was of the utmost importance.

B: Kaylin has been living in my room and I had no place to put clothes and

C: My In-laws arrived the DAY AFTER *ell week so I had to frantically clean before they came and

D: My life has been COO COO ever since K was born.

[Insert picture of baby clothes over taking my room here]

So: as part of their visit, I decided to move Wade downstairs and kick him out of his crib (more on that later) buy him a cheapo dresser from Ikea, and get all of his clothes out of the nursery so I had some room to put that stuff. The in-laws bounced babies while I put together the dresser and eventually Wade was "moved downstairs". Jean finally had had enough of my postponing and said (one night at 10:30 p.m.) WE ARE GOING TO OPEN THAT BOX NOW!!! ( I didn't understand the urgency). But I complied.

Much to my surprise, there was a baby shower in a box from MY GIRLS. The girls from my old hood. Heidi, Kara, Holly, Karen, Lori, Lindsay, Jessica (of course) and Amy, Leah and Whitney. I was OVERWHELMED with LOVE. These girls are the best support system that anyone could have and I love them so much. As I lifted each gift out of the box the urge to cry got stronger and stronger. They were so generous and showed so much love through a box! They also sent me an amazing gift card so I could shop to my hearts desire. I was overcome with a feeling of love and support from them.

The tough thing about moving is missing them. I have yet to find my niche here with girlfriends and I am in DEEP NEED because I have a birthday coming up that I need to CELEBRATE!

Girls, you made me feel so loved. Thank you so much for all your love, support and prayers. I miss you all tremendously, and love you all. I wish I could have moved you all with me. As a matter of fact, I am still holding out hope that some of you decide to move here :) I am sorry your box sat in my hallway for two weeks. I love you, and thank all of you!


Melissa-Mc said...

I'm so glad you discovered the box. Those Washington girls sound like great friends.

Lindsay said...

HEHEHEHEEE! That cracks me up! You are loved...easy to. Have so much fun shopping and dressing her up...she doesn't need much help in the adorable department but I loved shopping for a baby girl anyway!

jessica said...

Oh I am so glad you felt the love, that was the most important part of the box! I wish I could see K in person and I wish I could be enjoying the sunshine with you.

Happy shopping!

Bridget said...

After visiting AZ, I am all in favor of moving there. Just one small problem. Husband has no job there and I do love living here too.

I hate going to the post office. There isn't another errand I despise more than that. I've mailed Christmas packages in February before. I'm that bad.

Ilene said...

Seriously, the girls in Washington are phenomenol. It makes me wonder why we ever moved.

Oh that's right. My husband needed a job. Details, details.

calibosmom said...

Girlfriends are THE BEST!!! What a fun babyshower!!!

Arian said...

Hey, I think we should definitely go celebrate your birthday (if it was yours you were talking about...). We can get Wendy and Dianna an whoever else you want and maybe head back to the Cheesecake Factory! I am ALWAYS up for a girl's night out!!

Natalie said...

yea for great friends! You, i'm sure, gave them great reason to continue to love and support you. A friend is a friend indeed:).

We'll have to get going on that birthday;)... (maybe I'll have your baby gift by then). (remember, i told you, this only happens to special people!)


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