Monday, March 2, 2009


Lately, I have been enjoying my time with Wade. He truly is a super fun loving easy going kid. (I say that as he is just about ready to turn two... let's hope it stays that way) He SHOULD be at the top of my irritation list, but, I just find him so stinkin' adorable, he just sits at the bottom.

He is talking so much more these days and I love the things he decides to say. The other day, we were at Jaxon's therapy and Wade was playing on a broken play structure. It was missing part of the deck, and Wade stood there looking at it for a minute and said, "THIS . . . IS. . . .SERIOUS" (ala Wonder Pets) It was so funny.
He is even cute when he gets into trouble. I had a pile of Abby's clean clothes at the top of the stairs for her to take down to her room and this morning as I walked by the stairs he had tipped them all over and was laying on the on the stairs! I admonished him and told him to go watch his show (yes, guilty.. I was cleaning) and he very contritely said, "Ok momma" in his softest little boy voice. A few minutes later, I walked by the stairs and all of the clothes were off the stairs. I had to vacuum the basement anyway, so, I went down there to see how far flung the clothes had gotten, and this is what I found.

He had carefully taken them ALL down to her room and although they were no longer folded, he piled them all on her bed, nice and neat. Too cute.

When he is leaving (or thinks he is leaving the house) he is always sure to come and find me before he goes and says, "Goodbye momma!"

Even today at Costco, I had let him out of the cart and he was running around one of the display tables. He was sticking around, so I let him, and then when I told him it was time to go. . . he let out evil maniacal laughter and started running in the other direction. The problem is, I was having a hard time putting on my "mad" face because it was truly funny. A lady standing near by said, "I know that doesn't seem funny, but you will miss it someday". I just smiled, but the truth of the matter is, I know my days are numbered. And for some reason, he is so easy to enjoy!

I don't know if it is his adorable smile, or his deep husky voice. But, I just can't resist him.
Thanks to the Pineapple Princess for these pix of Wade. She is a novice.. but truly gifted! Check out her blog here!


The Grant Family said...

The whole way through your blog I kept thinking what GREAT pictures those were. Very cute. He sounds a lot like my Ryan. I guess they're about a year apart. As are our baby girls!

jessica said...

What a cutie! I bet he seems like quite the little man these days. No more baby boy...sniff sniff.

Bridget said...

He is a cutie. I love those moments of sheer joy watching your little ones be cute and little.

Melissa-Mc said...

I love his sparkling blue eyes. Cute pictures.

Shelby Lou said...

I love this post. Your kids are adorable. and he is just precious!!! I hope he stays laid back through his terrible twos.

Pineapple Princess said...

Your blogging is a great way to keep those fleeting moments from being forgotten. He is darling and I can't stop thinking about those blue eyes.

Cute bed too!


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