Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Cooks

IT IS FINISHED!! The whirlwind birthday/baptism extravaganza is finally over. . . and so, I am finally able to blog about it. Abby's birthday was officially on July 30th. It amazes me what is expected of birthdays these days! Cupcakes at school, parties, family parties. To be honest, we try to make it as simple as possible, but this year, it just wasn't going to be. I had already told Abby that we weren't going to do birthday parties EVERY year because honestly, that seemed excessive. We did a birthday/going away party for her last year, and so I had already resolved NOT to do it this year. But, I caved.


Abby is still trying to find her footing here in AZ and from time to time forgets or doesn't realize how many friends she has made. She has also gotten into the habit of thinking she gets less than her brothers and baby sister. [Abby, he is autistic! Abby, he is 2! Abby she is a baby!]This was my last ditch effort to make sure she knows how loved she really is. [But no party next year. . .serious]

She is our major 'foodie' ( I have NO IDEA where she gets that from!) and Peter and I thought she would L.O.V.E. a Chef's Academy party. however, a party at the REAL Chef's Academy is $$$. A little more than we set out to spend these days. So, I put some creative juices to work. I left it up to my husband to create a chef's hat AROUND the party announcement. It was kinda difficult to make it look like a chef''s hat and NOT a dress, but, I think it turned out pretty well! (It is nice to have an "artist" in the family).
Think I have it all together? Yeah. The invite doesn't even have the day. Cool. Just the time.

I just expect people to know when to BE THERE. That is just how I roll.

One of my trips to Target really paid off when I picked up some of their clearance picnic items that were marked down to 90% off. Some cute ice cube trays, some cute popcorn cups, cute patootie straws and I picked up some corn holders, but didn't end up having enough for everyone. So, at the last minute, I picked up a 5 pack of wooden spoons from Walmart and painted the girls names on them. . Very CHEFy. . Don't cha think?

We made pizza dough and I helped each girl step by step make their own pizza dough. They did a great job, and LOVED being involved. I accidentally got some flour in one girls hair and they all insisted to have some so they looked more "authentic". Each one of them made their own pizzas.

And believe it or not, they ate the WHOLE THING. Not one speck left. And YES, each pizza took up 1/2 a cookie sheet. I guess all that hard work made them HUNGRY!

As part of the party, I helped them make and ice cream cake, and we hollowed out some cupcakes, put some softened ice cream on them, hardened them back up in the freezer and topped them with whip cream and mini chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. They loved it.

I think she had a blast, and even better, she got to feel like an extra special girl on her birthday weekend! She was baptized on 8/8 and it was a great day. I think I will post more about that later, but for now, here is a pic of her in her baptismal dress that I snapped when I was at my mom's house in SLC. Isn't her yard something out of a movie?

It is amazing to look at her and to think we have come this far! I can't believe I have an 8 year old. . . Amazing. Sad. Wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time!



The Grant Family said...

Love the idea for the birthday party! I'll have to try that one sometime.

Your parent's backyard is like a dream! Perfectly beautiful!

jessica said...

So I am officially stealing this idea for next year...VERY CREATIVE!

Oh and I love that picture of Abby in your parents backyard...definitely one that needs to be displayed somewhere.

Hillary said...

Cute Idea Lindz!! Looks like fun! I can appreciate a girl who likes to cook! Get her posting recipies on the food blog stat!

abbyandcompany said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!


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