Monday, August 24, 2009

Doubting Thomas. .

I can hear you out there... Saying.. SHE'S CRAZY!!! I can't BELIEVE that she would drive around to ALL those stores and do all that couponing. Just NUTTER!

Well, believe it. . but believe it because I have all those stores within a close driving distance. I happen to live in the shopping mecca.. So, it is easy. It may be easier for me, than it is for you. However, Kmart IS NOT CLOSE, but sooooooooo totally worth it sometimes.(I try to go after Peter gets home from work too. . the more concentration, the better/more fun it is and less mistakes I make)

However, it is not without some serious pain-in-the-butt-ness most times because I do have two children in tow. But sometimes, it is just WORTH IT!

Like, when you can score 3 bottles of Johnson and Johnson's baby wash for .19 a piece. (Did today at Target)

Or two spongebob toothpastes for free. Yeah, they are travel sized, but who cares. . . they actually PAID ME to take them off the shelf. Because I printed out this coupon. (Expires in 2 days $1.00 off Spongebob Toothpaste) and when I went to the store, the travel size were only .52 a piece. Yep. Target PAID ME .96 to take these off their shelves for them. :) AND LIKE YOU DON'T GO TO TARGET! Sheesh. Maybe I should have bought more. . . you can print as many of those coupons as you want!

Ok, here is my challenge to all you, "Couponing is too much work!" Nay sayers (Because baby, I hear ya. . I said it ALL THE TIME TOO)

Add THIS BLOG to your Google Reader. Because if there is a deal to be had, SHE is going to have it on her blog.

and ONLY COUPON at the store that you go to... I.e. Target, and your local grocery store. DEAL?

AND (one more challenge)

ONLY buy things that you would normally buy.

DO IT FOR 4 weeks.

Because after that, I know you will be hooked. You will make some mistakes, but don't beat yourself up about it.


Keep the coupons from your weekend paper (you don't even have to clip them out-- you can just look them up on and see if there is a coupon for something you need to buy) If you don't get the paper, just print the ones that you will USE off You can print two of each coupon and more if you have access to another computer/printer. (I.e. Your momma's house or your friendly neighbor who wouldn't dream of couponing)


Pretty soon, you will be able to spot your own deals from a MILE AWAY and you won't even really need the "Hip" girl anymore. . Oh wait, you will, b/c she always finds the best deals!

On a side note: Does weaning your baby make you grumpy?? Because it sure has been making ME grumpy... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


Anne said...

My dilemma...I am a bulk shopper. It kills me to buy just one or two of something, particularly canned goods. I feel like it takes too much time to organize one or two of everything! OK, OK, maybe I'll take you up on the challenge. I do have to pay for this new house, after all.

Leah said...

I just read your Jaxon post. Aren't prayers sometimes just the most amazing window to their souls? That was beautiful.

My coupon is called staying out of stores. If I don't go in...I spend no money. My problem would be that I have this amazing coupon deal, but I'd come out with a whole lot of other stuff too! I have couponed before and it is like you want to shout it from the rooftops because it is such bliss. I'll let you know if I finally ever take you up on your challenge. I am pretty lazy about that stuff though.

Melissa-Mc said...

A couple of months ago I put that blog on my reader at your suggestion and I have gotten a few good deals out of it.

Good luck weaning...slow but steady.

jessica said...

I am a coupon nut too. My husband is worse than me. He is totally addicted to the Wednesday paper.

Oh and when I read that last thought about weaning...I thought is said "wearing"....because yes wearing my baby makes me grumpy sometimes! Little C is so clingy right now. He is like an extra 21 pound shirt!

Ilene said...

I believe you but not enough to do it. Krazy Coupon Lady is big here in Boise. The closest I get to following that site is the pictures of Laura on the sidebar advertising the photographer we used.

You are an inspiration, though.


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