Monday, August 31, 2009

My First Convert

I had my first convert. . to the world of coupon-ing. Actually, she had done it before, but had long since given it up. Too much work, not enough reward. . she didn't know that you could combine coupons WITH a sale, and back when she was doing it, the blogging world wasn't so hot!

I took a few hours with her on Friday, and she took her husband out that night for a date night to the grocery store. . EVERY MAN'S DREAM! no?

She came back and posted her results here! She was excited and so was I. It is fun to share something you know, and have that fire pass on to someone else. . . Kinda like missionary work. (Hey, it kinda is! REALLY!)

Anyway, she had a lot of really great questions for me and the greatest one was, are these prices really better than Sam's Club? Well, honestly, I have no idea, because I don't have a Sam's club membership. But I DO have a Costco membership, and believe me. . it is a burning question in my mind too!

SO: My next post will be my Costco Roundup. . . i.e. What I buy at Costco, and how much it is. That way, the next time I see a screamin' deal, I can know if I can find it cheaper at Costco. Hope it helps you too! (Of course, prices may vary from region to region!)

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The Grant Family said...

I'll have to send you some comparison prices from Sam's Club. I have a membership to both (Costco & Sam's) and it does seem prices are lower at Sam's. But sometimes one place carries something the other doesn't, so I do a little shopping at both.


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