Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You gotta go HERE

*Image totally poached from their website.

I like to check AZ central for all things : Best of. I call upon my self to entertain my in-laws while they are here, and for the most part, I think I do a pretty good job.. One time, we took them (I mean, they took us) to dinner HERE. It was seriously the best Mexican food I have had. . . LIKE. . EVER!

If you LOVE you a good Mexican place with a fine dining flare.. you have got to try this place. It is not el-cheapo, but if you are looking for some good food and maybe a special occasion, try it.

Yum o! My gosh.. it was good. . anywho.. I always try to find some sort of fun little place. They are adventurers.. they like to tread off the beaten path and if I can help them, I WILL!

We also visited this little place called HIGLEY HOT DOG HUT it is supposed to be the best Chicago Style Hot Dog in town.. I have no idea what to expect for a Chicago Style Hot Dog, but, I thought they were awesome... They are cash only.. and you know, if you are going to take the time to try out a HOT DOG HUT because you are a fan of hot dogs, or because you tread off the beaten path too, well, ORDER THE SPECIAL which happens to be "The Works" if you have EVER been to a so called "greasy spoon" before you recognize quickly that they have a specialty, and it is usually what they are famous for.. so, for the good love of a hot dog. ORDER THE SPECIAL! (or you might be disappointed) mkay? If you do go to a greasy spoon and Don't order the special.. you get what you deserve! PUNK!

Moving back to Organ Stop Pizza. It was voted on AZ Central by the critics (Please don't listen to the public consensus! The only taste they have is in their mouth!) as best Family Restaurant. I had no idea what to expect, but was ready to put it to the test. Plus, it boast a gigantic organ in the walls of the restaurant which sounded interesting/fun/and loud which are all pluses when your last child get scream louder, longer and higher than Mariah Carey.

Peter met us there after work (it is right by his office) and when we got there, I asked him if he had been inside yet. He said, "Yeah, it looks like Senior night.... like EVERY night is Senior NIGHT!" Don't let that deter you though.. Since we had a senior with us (SORRY GRANDPA! --He can't figure out how to read this blog, so, it is ok) it was ok. . . It was WAAAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining than I thought it would be because at 5:30 on the money a 30 minute show started that was. . . to say in the least. . spectacular. If you don't want to hear The Phantom of the Oprah screaming from the walls of a pizza joint, don't go. But Abby and I didn't want to leave!!!! The pizza isn't cheap, but if you get full on entertainment, I say it is worth it... or take your sweet senior, who will STINKIN' LOVE THIS PLACE and enjoy (and have them pay).

Plus, the amazing, awesome organ player takes requests... and she is good. How about a little Mama Mia on the organ or the Star Wars theme??? AWESOME. Go.


Danika said...

Every time I drive by Organ Stop Pizza (which is right near our friend's house) I say, "we should try that place!" but I am never sure what to expect. Thanks for the great reviews - now I'm definitely going to go. I like loud places so my kids don't seem so loud!

Natalie said...

my mom wanted to go there last week and i told her no. oops. i'll suggest it again some other time:). Thanks for the suggestion and i can't wait to try barrios!

jessica said...

Sounds so fun! I like dining with seniors.

Jessica said...

Are you trying to taunt me? You know where I'm going tonight? RedRobin, again.


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