Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ok, because I love you I will give you yet ANOTHER post today because:

1- I didn't blog about The Bachelor this week. . . wanna know why? Because I read THIS post, and it was so stinkin' picture perfect in every way that I couldn't even give it any competition... (not that I want to compete). . Check it out.


2- Because it is national De-lurking day!!! Did you know that?? I didn't either!!! But because I am a HUGE fan of de-lurking.. come on. Today is YOUR day. Say hello!

Are you a regular reader?
Who sent you here?
How long have you been reading?
Do I know you?

SAY HI! (It means a lot)


Jeanelle said...

I have no need to delurk because hello, I don't lurk BUT I have to comment and say you totally and completely rock. thanks, dearie!

Shirley said...

Hi Lindsey. I don't know you but I found you through Jessica R's blog (I think you are one of 4 blogs that I found through her). Just fyi, I used to live in LL about 7 years ago and thought it was heaven on earth as you probably well know. You are fun to read and happy delurking day to you.

Lauralee said...

happy delurking day! to you too! I think I found you thru gab's blog... I have read since she wrote about you and your tallness :) and I love your blog... your strength impresseses me
you are welcome to read my blog- we actually have the same background right now!

The Miller Family said...

Hi Lindsey! I'm Lindsey :o) Pretty sure I've commented sometime in the past, but I read WAY more than I comment...(sorry about that!)...anyway, I also found you through Gab's blog and have been reading ever since! You rock!!!

Kirsten said...

I confess to lurking, with occasional commenting. I'm so glad I can still see what is happening with you. Thanks for the heads up on the stat counter. Just got it up and running.

Anne said...

I actually love you in real life, as well as blog life. Still hoping to get to AZ to visit, but this winter may be preempted by campaigning!

Tiffany said...

De-lurking day! I have never heard of it. But what a great idea. Maybe we need to figure out how to put a "just say hello, I was here" button that people could click. Easy! Oh well, you have a cute blog. Fun to read about your kids!

Lindsey said...

Oh you girls!! You have already all de-lurked! But I love you anyway... I want NEW de-lurkers.. because I get 100 hits most days and I want to know who is visiting!!! I know there are still lots of lurkers out there.. but they must be extrememly shy. Thanks for coming out ANYWAY! :)

CindyV said...

I'm sorry I missed de-lurking day, but I'll do it now anyway. Just an old friend from Eugene who occasionally checks in on your blog to see how you're doing. I always enjoy it, but I'm not much good at commenting, sorry.
Keep up the good work!
Best wishes from the Vances.

jessica said...

I can't bring myself to do a delurking post because I'm afraid no one is really out there...

I'm here and I love you and your blog. It is comfort food for my soul.

Jill said...

sorry I'm late. I'm here :)


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