Saturday, January 30, 2010


A little while ago I posted about my room re-do. Ok, well, I didn't re-do it. Just spruced it up a bit. . . It needed a facelift, and I STILL love looking down the hall way at it! It got my creative juices flowing SO MUCH that I have been BEGGING people to let me help them spruce up their homes!! (Any excuse to go to Home Fabrics!)

My friend Wendy finally took pitty on me (Did you see my button for her website here?----------------->) and let me go with her to Home Fabrics last week. She didn't need my sewing skills (she has them in spades) so, I just assisted in some spending money. . . I mean, picking out new fabric for her home! We had so much fun oooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaahing over fabrics in the store. (We are easily entertained) and I had the VERY guily pleasure of helping her go from THIS:


oh sorry, that button is HERE!--------------------------------------->

We went a little bold but it sure paid off! Her new look is FANTASTIC! And I had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun convincing her to GO BOLD! (Check out that green and brown check!) Love it Wendy! And thanks for letting me go to the fabric store with you! (See MORE of her make-over here!)

Now, who is next?
I need another trip to the fabric store!

(I even offered to sew for you people!)


Natalie said...

awesome lindsey! you're quite the talented gal! I am getting closer to being creative and would love some help and a visit to the fabric store. now that my hell room is coming along i can start thinking about other things. i am considering re-doing my banister first though...a little nervous about it but it needs to be done. wish me luck:)!

Leah said...

Home Fabrics is awesome. It used to be called $2 Fabrics. They have it in Utah and Vegas...but I wonder where else??? We'd love one in Spokane!


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