Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Newsletter

My Dad's family has a family newsletter. It is big... Like seriously big. Like, I can't even tell you how many people have to contribute to this newsletter, but I know that every year I get a copy of the "newsletter" and it has more than 100 double-sided pages..

I am amazed that someone has the time or energy to put it together, and I seriously want to take a poll on who reads it, because I only read my own families' letters... sad huh? I need to get the family newsletter to see what they are up to? Just kidding. I mean, I know what they are up to, but I like to read what they wrote. . . Ok, on occasion I will read my cousins' newsletters, but that is about it. Maybe this year I will scan for members of my extended family that live in AZ. I know there are some here, but I have no idea who they are!

I was dutifully writing my letter to contribute when I realized that I hadn't really given a family update here for a while. I have been meaning to contribute an "update" on each child individually, but maybe, for history, I should include the family newsletter. I am sure there are those of you who were thoroughly disappointed when your Christmas card came without one. Sorry! That is what my BLOG is for! You want to know what I am up to? READ MY BLOG.

But, for a little update on the kiddies.. here is one for you.

Finally! A new year! This year seemed to drag on a bit for the W family since we have had many challenges since our move to AZ in 2008 (understatement of the decade). We were hoping for a better year in 2009, and it is slowly, but surely getting better (It is, for the most part). The good news is, Peter found work (YAY!)with the University of Phoenix here in AZ! Currently, he is working as an enrollment counselor, but is getting his MBA-IT at the same time and hopes to put his Project Management and PMP designation to work soon (that would be lovely since he is QUALIFIED for a better job)! We are looking for greater opportunities within the company. Hopefully, that will happen this year! (We are Really, REALLY, hoping for this one!!!)

I (Lindsey) have been trying to hold down the fort by accomplishing yet ANOTHER move in June (Seriously, it is sick how many times we have moved). Really, someday we will settle down and not move so much! I swear! Someday it will happen! (I really truly honestly believe this.. I don't know where we will be, but it will happen) We hope sooner than later. I almost protested unpacking the house this time because what is the point?!? I still did, and we are feeling more settled. Kaylin was born early in 2009 (Feb 4th to be exact) and having a new baby in the house always comes with it's own set of challenges. We are pretty certain she was ABSOLUTELY meant to be in our family (there was literally only ONE time it was HUMANLY POSSIBLE, and we got pregnant-- is that TMI?), but, she has definitely come into our family with her own set of DEMANDS! My life is kept very busy keeping her out of trouble and making sure the rest of the family gets fed and gets clean clothes.. I am hoping that someday this "phase" comes to a wonderful . . . CONCLUSION! (please let it end) In my spare time (What is that anyway), I like to blog (did you know that all of those OTHER colors are links to my actual blog posts!! COOL HUH! )(just kidding) to keep my family and friends updated with what I am doing and I just recently started selling Pampered Chef. I LOVE THAT STUFF! I am hoping to build my business, so, if you have any friends in AZ that need some Pampered Chef stuff, let me know! Now, on to the rest of the family! (Yeah, let me know!!! I need to book some parties!)

Abby (8) was baptized in August of 2008. I really can't believe I have a child who has been baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! What a wonderful experience for everyone! She is a great helper with her little sister and loves to play the piano, (we just found one on Craig's list for $100) (She just started lessons this week and dutifully plays her songs every day without me even having to tell her.. I love it! I love that SHE loves it! Best $100 I ever spent!) and she loves to do Theater and is in her theater group at school. When Kaylin gets a little older, I hope to get Abby into a Theater Club but there aren't very many close by and I am not ready to drive a screaming one year old all around town(never in a million years would I do that right now... never).. Maybe in 2011! She does great in school and LOVES it! She started Tennis lessons last year and loves trying any thing new.

Jaxon (6) is doing very well! In 2006, Jaxon was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is on the Autism spectrum. The services here in Arizona are amazing for him and we have concluded that even though life have been rough for mom and dad since the move to AZ, it has been great for JAXON! He gets amazing therapy and services that we would never have been able to get him before. It is great. He has learned to read (Major accomplishment) and is in a mainstream Kindergarten class at school! We are so proud! (Except for when he comes home without a Happy Gram, which means he punched a kid... which happened at least 3 times last week. :(

Wade (2) is pretty much the light of our lives and I let him get away with just about anything (I really do, and it infuriates my husband). I never thought it would happen, but, it is true (I am a type A -never bend parent.. unless I am dealing with Wade and then I am just a big pile of goo). I don't know if my defenses have just finally been worn down, but I will let him have/or do just about anything (within reason of course) because he flashes me a smile and tells me he loves me... without prompting! (I heart him) It is awesome. He is a great buddy and is a pretty go with the flow sort of kid. A GREAT addition to our VERY crazy family (I thank my lucky stars for him every day). He helps me throughout the day and loves to play with "babygirl" his sister Kaylin. He is potty trained and turning 3 soon! We are going to try to get him into pre-school in 2010!

Kaylin (almost 1) notice how she kinda infiltrated everyone else's update? That is just how she rolls. She is into EVERYONE'S business! But we still love her. SHE however, mostly loves her daddy, and when we met him for lunch just yesterday, she saw him walking through the parking lot from 200 yards away and started screaming and kicking her feet with joy at the sight of him.. Yes, it is love, true love, and I am soooooo grateful for that break at the end of the day! (the love she has for him is completely un-real and I am so not jealous because I can't WAIT to hand her over at the end of the day!)

We feel blessed and know we are not alone in our trials. (If you ever need a shoulder, I have two.. I know there are a LOT of you out there who are looking for work right now, and I am thinking of you!) That we are watched over and that many others are suffering through trials as well. We feel for you, know your pain and hope and pray that things will get better for ALL of us! Best wishes on a truly great new year! (It can only go up from here!)

Lindsey and Family.


LISA said...

I only read my own families comments as well... Thanks for reminding me that I need to write my family letter!!! I liked yours, by the way, I really should branch out more, I probably would be surprised at how many of my cousins might actually be my friends! said...

You are so right with the Family News Letter! I mostly read the Stewart letters and skim over the rest. Gotta Love Barbara for putting in all that time for us.

Great Update on your kids!


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