Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making me HAPPY! + DEAL FOR YOU!

A few years ago on my blog, I did an ODE TO YELLOW and a demo on making the cutest Spring Wreath. I haven't felt so "domestic" since I have lived in AZ. Don't get me wrong, I did do a little something to spruce up Kaylie's room before she arrived, but, since we have been here, I have just been in survival mode. . . just. keep. head. above. water.

I love to be crafty and I love to make my home a better place to be, and I have learned, from moving so many times, that you can make ANYPLACE feel like home. I rejected doing this for a while in our latest home because, I will be honest, it is hard to feel all "homey" when you are renting.

But, since I unpacked not too long ago, the "creative" juices have started flowing again and it feels good. I like to be "working on something"... not just to keep busy (I am still kinda house bound with two napping kids at home) but it makes me feel accomplished... in a weird sorta way.

You KNOW the sewing machine is going to make a debut when my MIL is in town. And, it did. We visited a store called Home Fabrics in Mesa.. It is a discount decorator fabric store and the minute I stepped through the doors, the juices started flowing. It has been too long. Really.

I found two amazing fabrics.. one that would be PERFECT in my living room. I have had my drapes done for a long time, but have wanted another fabric for throw pillows. . It was $4 a yard, and if you know decorator fabrics they are anywhere between $18 -$25 per yard, so, this was a steal!!! (All the fabrics there are deeply discounted)

this is totally me. . .
and I am in love with it.
I pretty much had to make pillows for my couch on the spot... I look in this room now and it makes my heart go pitter-pat. (Ok, so, I get excited about fabric. Weird, I know)

And see this lonely little chair? I think it needs a new look.. Something a little more splashy.. Don't you think? I will show you its' make-over soon.
Now, I didn't want my family room to feel left out... and I couldn't resist when I saw this happy flower fabric that I knew would just blend right in... and if you don't think a few little throw pillow will make the difference, I beg to differ... here is the proof.


boring. ho hum. blech.


Your eyes go straigh to the cuteness, don't they?? And doesn't it just bring a smile to your face?

Well, here is my offer... If you are looking to spruce up your look, I will happily go to Home Fabrics with you and if you don't know how, I WILL MAKE YOUR PILLOWS! They are easy and fast and if you take me to lunch I will consider us EVEN. Deal?


Ilene said...

I feel your pillow love. It totally brightens your mood when you have happy pillows.

The Grant Family said...

Oh, so very cute! Feels good to fix up the house :) I was just looking at the cover I made for the window on the back door and I think it may need a change. Now I just need to find a few minutes and a few bucks!

Tammy said...

It looks amazing! I love your decorations!!

Natalie said...


Emily said...

i wish we were in the same town, think of the damage we could do!!

Anne said...

You have no idea how much I wish we lived near each other. I just don't have a knack for decorating. I NEED you!

jessica said...

I LOVE a good fabric store! You know how deprived I am living here! Oh the fun we would have shopping together...WHY OH WHY didn't we know each other longer before you sad!

Jeanelle said...

If I lived there, I would totally be hitting you up for the free lunch/dinner for pillows deal. I think I want to get a new couch first though...mine is that foam stuff so it's too squishy and not holding up well. Plus it's the big oversized style and I really have a small place...I need smaller scale furniture. Did you want to know all of this? Yeah, I think you did.

liz said...

awesome - I love how it all ties together from one room to the next

Kara said...

I didn't comment before, but just needed to add that I love the new fabric! What a find! Love your decorating style. Love it on the chair too...gorgeous!


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