Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new Look.

I posted my latest obsession in decorating... and my "makeover" came back to me a little sooner than I had thought! Meet: MY NEW LOVE.

Remember her before?

Well, this is her, AFTER


Doesn't she just look a whole lot happier?? That is what I hear anyway, after people have their "procedure" done. She definitely looks like she has gotten a LIFT.

And now, she looks good at ANY angle.

And isn't that what we ALL want.

Now, when she is in a room, it really adds some UMPH!!

I even like staring at her from down the hallway... she looks so good.

Now, there is just one thing in that room that doesn't look so hot...

My $100 piano.. .and although she isn't very good looking... I still love her. But I still think she would look better with a little make-over too... How about a BUTTER YELLOW?

Check back. :)


The Grant Family said...

Lookin' good! I'm hoping all of this home nesting means you're feeling happy!
Here's a link to a painted/refinished piano that my friend copied.
And here's my friend's verseion:

Have fun!

Jeanelle said...

Okay, seriously? You and your chair refinishing/pillow making self are KILLING ME. You are amazing!!!! Love the shot of the chair from down the hall - totally cracked me up. You are on a roll, girly.

jessica said...

That chair is H.O.T!

Jessica said...

I so wish I had that talent. My ottoman constantly needs recovering and it costs me $200 every time because I have to buy fabric AND pay someone to do it. LUcky you.

And we went to a home on our trip back East that had a bright green piano and it was the awesomest thing I've ever seen. You do it and then maybe I can do it to my $800 piano.

Taeya said...

She looks Marvelous!!! Truly amazing!

liz said...

WOW nice job sista! Lindsey of cafe johnsonia would love that patter it reminds me of her. much bang of color- awesome.

and btw TOTALLY paint the piano

Leah said...

Please please tell how you did it? Did you pay someone?? How much? I really really want to know. I want to do this too.

My friend use to use this amazing illegal guy in LA to recover her garage sale finds. I wish I had him in my life.

calibosmom said...

Lookin' good!

Natalie said...

how do you cover a chair? seriously. i have one that i found at a yard sale and i love her line and her tufted ways but i have NO IDEA how to recover her. I looked into having the inmates recover it and it would be the cheapest place but still more than i want to spend because i'm cheap. did you read a book? did someone show you? online tutorial?...help. sos.

Lindsey said...

Ladies! I appreciate that you think I have such great SKILLZ, but I had someone re-cover it for me... and... she was SUPER CHEAP! (And super fast! I just gave it to her on Friday of last week!) I have asked her to give me a lesson, but with prices like that... um.. I don't know if I will EVER to it myself! :)

Anne said...


Cindy and Quent said...

Love the chair!!! Now where did you get a $100 piano. I am so in the market for a piano.


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